Love U2, Mom: Six Bono Lyrics Inspired by Motherhood

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Photo by Paolo Pellegrin
Bono may front a band that's racked up 150 million records sold and packed stadiums from Amsterdam to Zagreb, but he didn't have the easiest childhood. Growing up in Dublin as Paul Hewson, the U2 singer experienced trauma at an early age when his mother, Iris, suffered an aneurysm at her father's funeral and died several days later.

"I wish I had more of a sense of my mother," the singer wrote in U2 By U2 in 2005. "I forget what she looked like. I have just a few vague memories."

Bono's band of future chart-toppers formed just a few years after that fateful tragedy, so it's only natural that maternal themes have crept into his lyrics over the past 40 years. In celebration of Mother's Day, let's take a look at six U2 songs inspired by motherhood.

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Ten Clubs Revitalizing the St. Paul Music Scene

Photo by Steven Cohen
There's a buzz coming from the east side of the river where music can be heard wafting through the streets and beckoning like a pied piper. Where is it coming from? Most likely these venues that are revitalizing the St. Paul music scene. Some have recently popped up and are flying under the radar, while others might just be your neighborhood local, but all of them are adding something substantial to the thriving music scene in St. Paul.

From the Black Dog Cafe to the James J. Hill Library, these are our favorite venues that are redefining live music in St. Paul. So grab a buddy, hop on the Green Line, and make your way to St. Paul to hear some live music.

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Top Five Breakin' References in Hip-Hop

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Shout Factory
Breakin' Up a Good Time!

If you've felt a particular urge to pop and/or lock over the past week, it's probably due to Shout! Factory's lovingly tricked out blu-ray release of the classic 1984 hip-hop films Breakin' and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Revisiting both films (which we recommend in rapid succession) reminds us of just how many times the movies and their iconic characters have been referenced in rap tracks over the years. In the inspirational spirit of Turbo and Ozone saving the rec center, we bring you our Top 5 Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo references.

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T.I.'s Five Best Under the Radar Tracks

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Photo By Tony Nelson
T.I. What you know about him?
T.I. is a lot of things. He's an MC, a surprisingly great actor, a King, a Rubberband Man, and very, very prolific. With one of the most loyal fanbases in hip-hop, T.I.'s earned his following through a 15 year career that has seen him collaborate with artists across an impressive number of regions and scenes.

Along with an incredibly consistent catalog, he has a few gems out there that have gone overlooked for far too long. If you want to add a few new T.I. tracks to your playlist before his show at The Myth this Saturday, here's five great T.I. songs you may have never heard before.

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Five Bands to See at This Year's Warped Tour

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Photo by Joanna Fox
Warped Tour 2014

Nothing says summer better than some skate shoes, a chain wallet, and a trip to the Warped Tour.

Now in its 20th year, the annual Vans-branded music festival is back on Sunday, July 26. Returning to Canterbury Park Festival Field for a Sunday afternoon packed with (by our count) 92 artists, the annual outdoor multi-stage concert and extreme sports showcase this year features August Burns Red, Man Overboard, Koo Koo Kangaroo, the Wonder Years, Silberstein, Senses Fail, Memphis May Fire, and many more. The festival long associated with punk now includes a wide swath of other musical styles, including metal, indie, hip-hop, acoustic, and pop.

While the long list of bands might be a bit daunting, we have singled out five acts to pay attention to at this year's Twin Cities stop.

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The 10 Best 420 Metal Songs

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Alex Morgan
Cannibal Corpse
For those not in the know, 420 is a day (and time) where all cannabis connoisseurs, stoners, potheads and heshers unite to celebrate the good green herb and partake in rituals, smoke outs and never ending smoke-filled sessions. We decided to get in the right mindset, with a list of metal songs perfect for this green holiday. To some of these bands, and some of YOU reading this, every day is 420. So pack a bowl and get your stereo speakers ready. These are the 10 best metal songs to listen to on April 20th.

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Eyedea's 10 Best Deep Cuts

Photo by Dan Corrigan
Micheal Larsen -- known to the hip-hop world as Eyedea -- was one of the greatest talents to ever emerge from the Minnesota music scene. An exceptionally prolific writer, he lent verses to dozens of artists and DJs, all the while performing as Eyedea, Oliver Hart, and Michael Larsen, and as part of Eyedea & Abilities, Sixth Sense, Face Candy, Guitar Party, Carbon Carousel, Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream, and the Orphanage.

Mapping Eyedea's discography is a daunting task, one that several determined fans have undertaken, all imperfectly. And these don't even attempt to chronicle the celebrated battle rapper's many freestyles.

And more Larsen cuts keep worming out of the woodwork. A collection of his demos and rarities was released at the end of March and, last week, Blueprint confirmed there's an unreleased Orphanage album that may surface. This Saturday, Rhymesayers is re-releasing Eyedea & Abilities' classc E&A as a gorgeous double picture disc. Beyond all that, 2015 is both Rhymesayers' 20th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of Eyedea's death.

With all the hype and nostalgia swirling around, now seems as good a time as any to comb back through Larsen's scattered catalog to see if we can unearth some of the hip-hop titan's most esoteric highlights.

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The 50 Most Beautiful People at Coachella

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Christopher Victorio
By: Sarah Purkrabek
The temperature isn't the only thing that's sizzling at Coachella. With their tanned bodies, gym rat physiques, and seriously on-point bohemian/ethereal/fairy-style choices, Coachella-goers know to look their best while they're in the desert.

Both the festival itself and the parties that go with it have some of the most desirable attendees of any multi-day event. How they managed to stay this fabulous, we don't know, but here they are: The most beautiful people of Coachella.

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The Best Taprooms for Live Music in Greater Minnesota

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Photo courtesy of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

The growth of taprooms in the state of Minnesota has led to far more than just a growth in beer options. They have become neighborhood gathering centers, and no two are alike. Each taproom reflects the ownership as well as the local culture. And while many taproom activities have a uniform popularity -- from board games to bags -- music adds one of the most distinctive accents to the craft beer experience.

Earlier, we examined some metro area hotspots. Here we provide a listing of taprooms across the rest of Minnesota where fresh local beers and live music can be paired. This is an overview, so make sure to check with the respective breweries for specific calendar events.

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The 10 Best Rap Lyrics about Mortal Kombat

Bago Games via Flickr
Scorpion -- your favorite rapper's favorite combatant

This week sees the release of Mortal Kombat X, the 21st title put out under the legendary Mortal Kombat moniker. From the looks of it, MKX could be not only the most gruesome but also the most cogent entry in the series' 23-year history.

In that history, the notoriously bloody tournament of Earth vs. NetherRealm has inspired more than just a generation of morbid kids -- it's become one of the a major touchstone for the hip-hop community as well. Crome Mob, Action Bronson, and even Lil' Wayne have brought Mortal Kombat from the shelves of the geek den to the radio dial, with an immense number of songs being devoted entirely to the game.

In honor of MKX and the franchise's vital tie to the world of hip-hop, Gimme Noise is counting down the best rap lyrics referencing the fatal fighting game.

For the Shaolin!

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