The 10 Worst Duets in Pop Music History

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From the "Whatupwitu" video.
This is what a bad duet looks like.

Duets are supposed to be simple. Take a composition, divvy it up between two pop performers, and prepare to be wowed. Recently, though, the duet has been put through the wringer by washed-up stars hacking it up alongside other celebrity singers, searching for a hit. With apologies to several great musical pairings, the duet has often become a gimmick.

For proof we offer this: The ten worst duets ever. Let us know about your least favorite duets in the comments.

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The 10 Most Underrated Drummers in the History of Rock

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Jean Fortunet/wikimedia commons

With all the real injustice on the streets -- and in the courtrooms -- of America currently, you might consider it trivial to examine 10 drummers who deserve more credit and attention than they've received. And you'd be right. But music is, if nothing else, a way to make sense of this wicked world through pure release; ostensibly, music geekdom -- enjoying and dissecting -- is a meaningful part of that release.

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Six Spots to Put Taste of Minnesota in 2015

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Where will food-loving music fans and music-loving food fans find themselves in 2015?
A Taste of Minnesota is currently homeless, and its prospects are not looking great at the moment. After flooding last year forced the revived food and music fest to exit Harriet Island for Waconia about 40 miles away, organizers have been looking at other options for the 2015 event.

According to the Pioneer Press, citizens of Baytown Township (about 20 miles east of the Twin Cities) weren't interested in hosting Taste at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Organizers say other locations are being considered, but Gimme Noise has consulted all of our geography reporters just in case.

Here are six spots where A Taste of Minnesota could relocate in 2015.

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Five Signs You Might Be a Shitty Rapper

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Bettina Braun/Flickr
Wiggity wiggity wiggity wack.

Ever since dance music decided to overdose on molly, the only respectable alternative for pop music lovers is hip-hop.

With that said, we're sorry, hip-hop, but we have to start holding you to a higher standard. You don't want to end up like EDM, do you? Trust us, you don't.

Fix up, look sharp. You're pretty sloppy. So please, take a real hard, close, honest look at yourself. And if you're guilty of one of these five symptoms of wack-hackery, well, do the Gandhi and be the change you wish to see in the world. The future of music depends on you.

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Five Band Name Trends That Need to Stop in 2015

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Glassnote Records
Yeah, we're looking at you, CHVRCHES.

The year 2015 will see countless roots-Americana revivalists, dream-pop duos, and neo-soul indie rappers enter the already overcrowded fray of the post-internet music scene. Whatever bullshitty modifiers they use to describe their sound, one thing is for sure -- they'll invariably choose a stereotypical, trendy name for their project.

Despite the fact that the modern music landscape contains a menagerie of genres and genre amalgams, musicians aren't nearly as creative when it comes to choosing a handle. Frankly, the homogeneity is fucking embarrassing. If any of 2015's new crop want to separate from the herd, these are the tropes they'll need to avoid.

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The 10 best "Bear" bands in rock 'n' roll

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Five Great Rap Tracks From 2014 You May Have Missed

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Rob Sonic
Rob Sonic Invites You to Thunderdome.
Well, it's now January 2015 -- a.k.a. an absolute drought in terms of new music. While fans often spend December scrambling to make sure they've heard all the year-end "Best of 2014" essentials to discuss at New Years, it leaves listeners with nothing to really groove too for the first 21 days of the year. Luckily, we have got you covered with some amazing tracks from last year you may have missed.

And yes, we know Kanye released his collaboration with Paul McCartney on New Years' Eve, and yes, it's great, but on the off-chance you wanted to put something else new in rotation, these tracks are for you.

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The Best Cover Songs of 2014

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Photo by Neil Krug
First Aid Kit put out one of the best covers of 2014.

It was a great year for covers if you were just kinda fuckin' around. Cee-Lo Green ribbed Broken Bells with his entendre-riddled reworking, the roster of Father/Daughter records had some fun bringing fiction to life on their inaugural Faux Real comp, and there was that whole Pizza Underground thing, and those artists that took their assignments seriously (and thus were deemed less eligible for clickbait) fell by the wayside.

In spite of this, there were a swath of covers worthy of being clickbaited, so we've assembled the best covers of 2014. You're welcome.

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10 Best Upcoming Concerts of 2015

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Photo by Brigitte Sire
Sleater-Kinney finally return in 2015.

The Sony hackers have ruined what was left of the movie industry, but there are still quite a few resonant happenings in the realm of forthcoming live music. Concerts in the Twin Cities region (and occasionally beyond) are already shaping up to be a spectacle in the new year. And it seems like a million of them are happening at Turf Club.

A ton of lineups, confirmations, and "special announcements" await us in the months to come, but Gimme Noise is giving props to the early birds who got us some info more than 10 days in advance! (Apologies to fans of Hozier, Idina Menzel, and Nickelback, but this list is not for you.) Here are 10 concerts we're excited about for 2015.

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The 30 Highest-Paid Musicians In 2014

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Photo by Sayre Berman
Miley is smiley 'cause she made $36 million in the last 365 days.

Glitz. Glamour. And obscene, seven-figure weekly paychecks.

Such is the life of the rich and famous pop tarts, rock stars, rappers, and superstar DJs who enrich our lives with their inspiring music, spectacular tours, semi-nude Instapics, and endless drug-taking, DUI-ing, sex tape-ing antics.

Can you imagine making $100,000 a day? Well, even the poorest among Forbes' highest-paid musicians of 2014, like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, pull down that many greenbacks every 24 hours.

Others, meanwhile, mint that much moola in 60 minutes. All day. All night. All year.

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The Best Minnesota Punk Albums of 2014

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Tell All Your Friends PR
The Blind Shake, people!

2014 has been one hell of a year for Minnesota Punk. Extreme Noise turned 20, Amphetamine Reptile got the documentary treatment, Adam Degross put together a whole exhibit of scene photography and won the City Pages photographer poll, somebody finally bought the Medusa and, as always, about eight billion bands formed, broke up, reunited, and then broke up again. Oh, and some really cool groups made some really cool records, and it's time to celebrate that.

So whether you're a hardened DIY venue rat or just a "fraudulent piece of shit in neon green pants using artistic culture as an accessory," this list is for you. It's a list of records you really ought to buy. It's an article about punk. Let's try not take it too seriously, shall we?

Like last year's list, the 2014 edition is in alphabetical; not ranked, order. In order to qualify as an "album," the recording had to have at least 5 songs. Check out the end for a listing of some great EPs, singles, and demos as well.

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