The 20 Best Twin Cities Concerts of 2014

Photo by Erik Hess
We had the time of our lives at so many shows in 2014.

This past year in Twin Cities concerts had plenty of musical keepsakes -- those moments that were bigger than the sound, and more intricate than life itself. It was a year of legends, as well as legends in the making. In fact, it was so loud that the Minneapolis City Council passed an earplugs ordinance.

Gimme Noise takes a fond look back with our Top 20 concerts of 2014.

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What it's actually like to perform on David Letterman

Photo By Allison LaBonne

When Jeremy Messersmith was invited to play Late Show with David Letterman recently, he brought his 10-piece band along with him to perform Heart Murmurs standout "Bubblin'" to its largest audience yet.

Gimme Noise asked Messersmith's guitarist Brian Tighe (The Starfolk/The Owls/The Hang Ups) to keep track of his insider experiences leading up to the show, as well as his overall thoughts on the performance itself. He kept a detailed journal of the New York adventure. Also included is violinist Jesse Peterson's harrowing account of losing luggage that almost derailed their plans to play Letterman with the band.

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How to fix the St. Paul & the Broken Bones problem

David McClister

Some days, the cruel irony of being a white, middle-class soul fan in his 20s kinda hits me like a ton of bricks. Sure, I know my stuff. I can tell you the difference between Eddie Floyd and Eddie Bo, but I was never there, you know? Most of the greats had given up touring by the time I came of age, or their legacy-mandated ticket prices were prohibitively expensive. I never even got to see old warhorses like Stevie, Aretha or Solomon Burke, who kept up the fight long after their peers.

I own the right records, I've read the right books, but the more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from truly connecting to the pained heat of soul music. It's a sound that's inextricably tied to a cultural trauma that I have had the privilege to never endure. Deep down, I know I'm a fraud. I gotta think "Saint" Paul Janeway and his Broken Bones feel that same way too, some mornings.

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Top 20 best Twin Cities concerts of 2014 (so far)

Photo by Erik Hess

Exceptional local and national musicians play our Twin Cities clubs every night. Plenty of shows are worth the price of admission, but then there are the nights that are transcendent affairs.

As the year reaches its summery midway point, Gimme Noise looks back at what we've seen and heard. Here are 20 of the best concerts of 2014 so far.

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Lizzo's next gig is on a Toronto streetcar

Lizzo photo by Cameron Wittig; streetcar courtesy of MiO

After Lizzo led her GRRRL PRTY crew through a hot live set at Northern Spark on the same weekend that the Green Line opened between Minneapolis and St. Paul, the talented breakout MC has public transportation on her mind again.

On Wednesday, as part of Toronto's NXNE Music Festival, Lizzo will perform aboard a redesigned streetcar, and as far as we know, she won't be passing a hat around when she's finished.

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The Lowertown Line announces free Har Mar Superstar and Haley Bonar performances


The newest live concert installments in tpt's the Lowertown Line series have just been announced. Har Mar Superstar and Haley Bonar will each be performing in the intimate tpt studios in St. Paul, and both performances are free for those fans who act fast.

Har Mar Superstar is set to perform on Monday, April 7, and Haley Bonar will be playing on Wednesday, April 9. Tickets to both shows are free and open to the public, however, seating is very limited. Only the first 300 ticket holders through the doors are guaranteed a spot for each show.

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Dirty Projectors' Olga Bell: Krai shows my impressions of Russia

Eric Lippe
Olga Bell

Olga Bell of the Dirty Projectors has completed a nine-movement song cycle Krai. For Bell, this is a very personal project. The writing process was a way for her to connect with her Russian history, and allowed her to forge a deeper artistic bond with her mother.

Tonight, the project debuts at the Walker Art Center, with accompanying video projections by Alejandro Crawford of MGMT. The two-part evening will begin with a collaborative set by Bell and Angel Deradoorian, also of the Dirty Projectors. Gimme Noise caught up with Bell between rehearsals to talk about how her mom has influenced her as an artist, and the inspiration behind Krai.

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Sarah White: No one needs to see me swinging on a wrecking ball

Photo courtesy of the artist
We've all averted our eyes from the modern blur and peered into the heavens above us to find wishes in the uncomplicated beauty of the sky. Who knew that something so bountiful as the sky would bring back one of the Twin Cities' own shooting stars, Sarah White.

In 2007, Sarah White left for Brooklyn at the height of her band Black Blondie's popularity. It was a gut feeling and heartfelt instinct of change. Five years later, she's back, starting all over again with a new band, and trying to find her way in a scene that has changed much in her absence.
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Prof: This show is the biggest bite we've ever took

Clark Patrick Photography

Twin Cities MC Prof has spent the last two years tearing the roof off of every stage he's graced coast to coast. Naturally, the sky's the limit this Saturday when he performs outside for his own Prof Outdoors Festival.

Gimme Noise spoke to Prof about how he spent his summer and what makes this event the biggest show of his career thus far.

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Funkytown screening and live performances set for St. Paul

megabien entertainment
Like it or not, Lipps Inc's disco-fueled jam "Funkytown" is an indelible '80s anthem that will forever be linked with the Twin Cities sound. Now there is a new European TV series named after the song called Funkytown, which highlights and examines the musical culture of six American cities -- and, appropriately enough, the first episode focuses on the Twin Cities.

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