The Lowertown Line announces free Har Mar Superstar and Haley Bonar performances


The newest live concert installments in tpt's the Lowertown Line series have just been announced. Har Mar Superstar and Haley Bonar will each be performing in the intimate tpt studios in St. Paul, and both performances are free for those fans who act fast.

Har Mar Superstar is set to perform on Monday, April 7, and Haley Bonar will be playing on Wednesday, April 9. Tickets to both shows are free and open to the public, however, seating is very limited. Only the first 300 ticket holders through the doors are guaranteed a spot for each show.

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Dirty Projectors' Olga Bell: Krai shows my impressions of Russia

Eric Lippe
Olga Bell

Olga Bell of the Dirty Projectors has completed a nine-movement song cycle Krai. For Bell, this is a very personal project. The writing process was a way for her to connect with her Russian history, and allowed her to forge a deeper artistic bond with her mother.

Tonight, the project debuts at the Walker Art Center, with accompanying video projections by Alejandro Crawford of MGMT. The two-part evening will begin with a collaborative set by Bell and Angel Deradoorian, also of the Dirty Projectors. Gimme Noise caught up with Bell between rehearsals to talk about how her mom has influenced her as an artist, and the inspiration behind Krai.

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Sarah White: No one needs to see me swinging on a wrecking ball

Photo courtesy of the artist
We've all averted our eyes from the modern blur and peered into the heavens above us to find wishes in the uncomplicated beauty of the sky. Who knew that something so bountiful as the sky would bring back one of the Twin Cities' own shooting stars, Sarah White.

In 2007, Sarah White left for Brooklyn at the height of her band Black Blondie's popularity. It was a gut feeling and heartfelt instinct of change. Five years later, she's back, starting all over again with a new band, and trying to find her way in a scene that has changed much in her absence.
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Prof: This show is the biggest bite we've ever took

Clark Patrick Photography

Twin Cities MC Prof has spent the last two years tearing the roof off of every stage he's graced coast to coast. Naturally, the sky's the limit this Saturday when he performs outside for his own Prof Outdoors Festival.

Gimme Noise spoke to Prof about how he spent his summer and what makes this event the biggest show of his career thus far.

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Funkytown screening and live performances set for St. Paul

megabien entertainment
Like it or not, Lipps Inc's disco-fueled jam "Funkytown" is an indelible '80s anthem that will forever be linked with the Twin Cities sound. Now there is a new European TV series named after the song called Funkytown, which highlights and examines the musical culture of six American cities -- and, appropriately enough, the first episode focuses on the Twin Cities.

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Doomtree Blowout VIII at First Avenue, 12/14/12

Photo by Erik Hess
Doomtree Blowout VIII night one
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Friday, December 14, 2012

The wings and teeth didn't book another week-long set of shows like last year's Blowout celebration, but that's beside the point. Oh Minneapolis, we have such high standards. Never mind that P.O.S has kidney issues. Or just trying to schedule the seven-person crew that's a rotating band of friends and musicians to play a weekend at the same time is a booking managers nightmare. Let's toast these three shows, and sit back and celebrate. Get down.

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Young Jeezy at Epic, 12/7/12

Young Jeezy
Epic, Minneapolis
Friday, December 7, 2012

Like some cruel joke from mother nature, how ironic was that we had our first major snowfall the same night the so-called "Snowman," also known as Young Jeezy, stepped foot into town.

Young Jeezy (or just Jeezy) has been one of the South's biggest rappers over the last ten years, releasing some 40-plus singles and numerous mixtapes. He's got the stamp of approval from heavyweights like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Sean Combs. He's a hustler no doubt, he puts in work, and his resume proves that. This was Jeezy's fourth Twin Cities appearance in the last three years and judging from the show, maybe he should take some time off.

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Wits featuring Maria Bamford and Brandi Carlile, 11/30/12

Photo courtesy of @ToleranceTool
Brandi Carlile at Wits.
Wits featuring Maria Bamford and Brandi Carlile
The Fitzgerald Theater, Minneapolis
November 30, 2012

Seeing Wits isn't like attending an ordinary concert. This is the recording of a radio show, which lends a certain formality and artificiality to the proceedings.

Maria Bamford puts on her funny face [COVER STORY]
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Bruce Springsteen's evangelical nation baptized me in St. Paul

Photo by Justin Baker
"Can you feel the spirit?!"

By Justin Baker

I have spent a good part of the last decade goofing on my former boss and his Bruce Springsteen superfandom. By and large, it's your typical generational back-and-forth.  He calls me hipster and a cynic. I call him old. It's what friends do.

As my adult music appreciation has grown, though, and my status as a music critic has become more official, the issue has gotten hotter.  "Who are all these lame new bands you listen to?" he chides.  "Let me know when you want to write about real band."  "You mean that guy that played the Super Bowl looking like Wayne Newton?" I retort. So began my ex-employer's quest to engineer the massive, cranial explosion that would supposedly characterize my first live Bruce Springsteen experience. 

To be clear, I like Springsteen. You simply can't claim to love rock music and not appreciate the dude. He is on any sane music junkie's bucket list. The Jihad-ish devotion of his superfans, though, has always seemed a little weird. "Larry Bird went to see him once," claims my boss, "and he said: 'Bruce reminds me of me.'" I get what that is supposed to mean, but of course the Boss reminds White Basketball Jesus of himself.

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Madonna urges Minnesota fans: "Vote No on the Marriage Amendment!" [VIDEO]

Photo by Tony Nelson
Madonna says: Vote No on the Marriage Amendment!
Madonna took to the stage at the Xcel Center last night to urge fans to Vote No on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

"We are a Democracy and we should have the freedom to choose who we want to marry!" the Material Girl screamed, before enjoining the crowd in a call and response. "Did you hear what I said? Are you going to vote no? Are you going to vote no?"

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