The 4onthefloor go 'All In' to Typify Minnesota Rock 'n' Roll

Sara Montour
The 4ontheFloor
One speed -- full speed. One way -- all the way.

This is the working philosophy behind the latest album from the 4onthefloor, possibly Minneapolis's last­-standing rock band. It's been six years since frontman Gabriel Douglas and his kick drum­-thumping foursome roared their way into the Minneapolis music scene, winning the title of's best new band in 2011. Since then, it's been a maelstrom of touring and recording -- 443 shows and five albums, the fifth of which, All In (out May 26), was designed to capture the blue­-collar rapture of happy hour in their home state.

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Music in Mears Concert & Film Series Unveils 2015 Lineup

Nick Wosika
The Melismatics in 2010
Music: You love it. Mears Park in St. Paul: Can't imagine you have anything against it. And that's what makes the formula for Music in Mears - the annual live music/film/food truck party kicking off June 4 in Lowertown - such a tempting one.

The folks behind MiM just announced details on the 2015 edition, featuring 13 weeks of concerts, at least six of which will also include movie screenings, all with an emphasis on local talent. The free shows begin at 6 p.m.; check here later for details on the movie selections.

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11 Memorable Bob Dylan TV Moments

Thumbnail image for bob_dylan_letterman_1984.jpg
Bob Dylan on Late Show with David Letterman in 1984
Last night one oddball pop-culture titan bid farewell to another, as Bob Dylan performed jazz standard "The Night We Called It A Day" on the second-to-last Late Show with David Letterman (a third oddball pop-culture titan was present in the form of guest Bill Murray).

For Letterman, who signs off for good Wednesday night, it marks the end of a 33-year late-night reign in which he introduced radical concepts such as irreverence and irony to audiences more accustomed to the staid quips of Steve Allen and Johnny Carson. Dave made it OK for mainstream comedy to get weird.

For Dylan, Tuesday's show served as a rare TV spot for a music legend who never shies away from his own weirdness; his last Letterman performance was way back in 1993. (Murray, on the other hand, was the first guest in 1982 and popped in an additional 43 times, including last night when he popped out of a cake.)

In celebration of Bob and Dave and YouTube embedding, here are 10 memorable clips of Dylan on the small screen, plus last night's poignant farewell (at the very bottom).

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HazelFest Lineup to Feature Caroline Smith, Haley Bonar, Astronautalis

Caroline Smith at First Avenue in 2014
HazelFest, the sobriety-championing music festival presented by Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, is set to return August 1 to Center City, Minn., for its third annual run.

This year's lineup offers a lot to like for Twin Cities music fans, with folk-turned-soul star Caroline Smith, twangy songwriting ace Haley Bonar, and adoptive/dexterous rapper Astronautalis topping the bill. Davina & the Vagabonds, GB Leighton, and DJ Last Word are also set to perform at the alcohol-free fest.

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Concert News: Lil Wayne, Psychedelic Furs, ZZ Ward

Erik Hess
Lil Wayne at Xcel Energy Center in 2011
Three big-name Twin Cities shows were recently announced; expect very little fan crossover.

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Birthday Suits: Celebrating New Album and 10-Year Anniversary at Turf Club

photo by Erik Hess

Birthday Suits | Turf Club | Saturday, May 2

In an era of ProTools and Bandcamp, sometimes bands saturate the market before they are any good, or even know what they are doing. Birthday Suits do it the right way: honing their craft, touring, and putting in sweat equity.

The April 28 release of their new album, Spin the Bottle: Adult Party, isn't just a reason to celebrate their third full-length record. It also marks the rowdy rock band's 10th birthday, and they are throwing a raucous party at the Turf Club on Saturday, May 2, to mark both grand occasions.

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The 20 Best Twin Cities Concerts of 2014

Photo by Erik Hess
We had the time of our lives at so many shows in 2014.

This past year in Twin Cities concerts had plenty of musical keepsakes -- those moments that were bigger than the sound, and more intricate than life itself. It was a year of legends, as well as legends in the making. In fact, it was so loud that the Minneapolis City Council passed an earplugs ordinance.

Gimme Noise takes a fond look back with our Top 20 concerts of 2014.

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What it's actually like to perform on David Letterman

Photo By Allison LaBonne

When Jeremy Messersmith was invited to play Late Show with David Letterman recently, he brought his 10-piece band along with him to perform Heart Murmurs standout "Bubblin'" to its largest audience yet.

Gimme Noise asked Messersmith's guitarist Brian Tighe (The Starfolk/The Owls/The Hang Ups) to keep track of his insider experiences leading up to the show, as well as his overall thoughts on the performance itself. He kept a detailed journal of the New York adventure. Also included is violinist Jesse Peterson's harrowing account of losing luggage that almost derailed their plans to play Letterman with the band.

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How to fix the St. Paul & the Broken Bones problem

David McClister

Some days, the cruel irony of being a white, middle-class soul fan in his 20s kinda hits me like a ton of bricks. Sure, I know my stuff. I can tell you the difference between Eddie Floyd and Eddie Bo, but I was never there, you know? Most of the greats had given up touring by the time I came of age, or their legacy-mandated ticket prices were prohibitively expensive. I never even got to see old warhorses like Stevie, Aretha or Solomon Burke, who kept up the fight long after their peers.

I own the right records, I've read the right books, but the more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from truly connecting to the pained heat of soul music. It's a sound that's inextricably tied to a cultural trauma that I have had the privilege to never endure. Deep down, I know I'm a fraud. I gotta think "Saint" Paul Janeway and his Broken Bones feel that same way too, some mornings.

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Top 20 best Twin Cities concerts of 2014 (so far)

Photo by Erik Hess

Exceptional local and national musicians play our Twin Cities clubs every night. Plenty of shows are worth the price of admission, but then there are the nights that are transcendent affairs.

As the year reaches its summery midway point, Gimme Noise looks back at what we've seen and heard. Here are 20 of the best concerts of 2014 so far.

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