Jeremy Messersmith releases "Tourniquet" from Glassnote Records debut

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Photo by Cameron Wittig
Today, Jeremy Messersmith joins the elite company of Marilyn Manson and Evanescence with a song called "Tourniquet." While the charming local singer's song doesn't employ quite the same level of overt angst as the other two, this new single is a definite departure.

After this champion of marriage equality signed with powerhouse label Glassnote Records (Mumford & Sons, CHVRCHES) earlier this year, this is the first output from a new era of Messersmith. The song is expected to appear on his next album, Heart Murmurs.

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Low record cover of Rihanna's "Stay" as charity single [STREAM]

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Photos by Erik Hess (Low) and Tony Nelson (Rihanna)
One of the obvious highlights (or lowlights, if you ask this guy) of this past summer's Pitchfork Music Festival was Low. A clever inclusion of Rihanna and Mykki Echo's tear-jerker "Stay" proved once again that this Duluth trio refuses to become a predictable entity.

Now Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, and Steve Garrington have decided to make the song a bit more official by recording it as a single and donating the proceeds to Rock for Kids, an organization helping spread music education to underserved children in the Chicago area. The gorgeous results -- sorry, drone fans -- were created at Sacred Heart in Duluth, and they're streaming below.

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Low, Rihanna

Enola Gay's "Global Guts" launches G.A.Y. Friday series

enola gay.jpg
Many frequenting Minneapolis shows of late are familiar with the sex-laden "sea-punk" trio Chelsea Boys. And by "familiar," we're talking getting jabbed by a guitar or splashed with sex juice, AKA sweat, during one of their rambunctious live sets. Since the Boys' dissolution in August, songwriter Hunter Morley has been stirring his musical pot in seclusion, patiently awaiting the opportunity to serve the people. Today marks the day that Morley -- together with Chelsea Boys drummer Jacque Clark -- emerges from his creative cave as Enola Gay. Yes, today, ladies and gentleman, is the first G.A.Y. Friday.

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Brother Ali goes dark on new track "Writer's Block"

Photo by Nick Wosika
"If I don't get this in one take I'm going to quit rapping," Brother Ali mutters over the opening beat of new track "Writer's Block," and things only get more life-or-death serious from there. Released as a free download to tide fans over until the release of his new full-length Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, "Writer's Block" is a stream-of-consciousness narrative of an artist laboring through a dry spell -- and if this somber tone of this track is any indication, we're in for some heart-wrenching tracks from Ali in the coming months.

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Atmosphere, MaLLy, Kill the Vultures, Big Quarters release free track "Somebody, MN"

It's a big day for all of Atmosphere's Welcome to Minnesota tourmates today, as tickets go on sale for their six-date February jaunt around the state -- especially for MaLLy, who not only appears on a new collaborative track with Atmosphere, Kill the Vultures, and Big Quarters, "Somebody, MN," but also released a new track of his own and a music video as part of his ongoing Free on the 15th series.

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Lil B, 'I Got AIDS': Is this what progress looks like?

So the first rapped lyrics on "I Got AIDS" are, indeed, "I got AIDS." This isn't a song that fucks around; it straddles the elephant in the blog comment box and starts beating that sucker on the ears with a spiked riding crop. This is significant in a number of ways, not least of which are these: 1) no major pop figure has ever strung those words together on a chorus, 2) AIDS remains a terrifyingly real enough cultural proposition, even today, that this statement hits the listener's psyche with the force of a load of bricks, and 3) Lil B is a rapper.

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Lil B

Sadistik and Kristoff Krane debut 'Higher Brain'

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When Seattle rapper Sadistik and hometown MC Kristoff Krane went on tour earlier this year, the pair felt an immediate connection and almost immediately started writing songs together on the road. 

The results of their work are pretty incredible: They started writing together in the tour van in May of this year, finished writing by the end of June, and recorded an entire album over three days at Sadistik's home in Seattle. The collaboration was inspired by a shared love of the beats of live instrumentalist Graham O'Brien, who produced the record, and the resulting 10-track collection, Prey for Paralysis, will be released on November 22.

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Gigamesh's Halloween Mix previews Menergy party (MP3)

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Photo by Ben Grimes
Readying for his debut EP release Halloween weekend at Kitty Cat Klub's "Menergy" monthly dance night, Minneapolis producer Gigamesh whipped up a killer Halloween mix to get us in the mood. This isn't your typical mix stuffed full of tired Halloween themes like "Monster Mash" (although it does include Vincent Price's unforgettable "Thriller" monologue). Instead, it's ripe with dancefloor movers that dip ever so slightly into creepy territory with far away vocals, dissonant snyths, and helter-skelter rhythms. 

Our favorite part comes 44 minutes in when Matt folds in a re-work of Edwyn Collins' haunting atomic gem, "A Girl Like You" (You might remember it from Empire Records).

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Sarah White unveils new album 'Space Madness'

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Sarah White has certainly kept busy since she left Minneapolis for Brooklyn back in 2007. Though many in the Twin Cities may still know her best as one of the founding members of Black Blondie, she's actually spent far more time now as a solo artist, and her new Space Madness, is the second full-length solo album she's recorded since leaving her hometown.

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'Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt' coming this November, listen to a track here

Each year, it seems like at least one compilation is released that vies for a spot in the top local records of that year. For the past two years, the Minnesota Beatle Project has landed in the top Minnesota albums section of our Year in Music issue, and this November a new compilation that pays tribute to the late Vic Chesnutt will be among the highest-quality Minnesotan records issued in 2011.

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