Marquee nightclub cancels plan to relaunch as Hush731

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Nick Patton/North Bass Media
A Friday night at Marquee

Located under Union restaurant, downtown Minneapolis nightclub Marquee is undergoing a rebranding and remodeling effort only 18 months after opening its doors. As of Tuesday, the club was set to be redubbed Hush731.

But the new branding drew heat on social media over its similarity to HUSH, a group of businesses and dance events headed by local techno artist Zak Khutoretsky, better known as internationally renowned DJ DVS1. For now, in a twist you don't see too often, the underground seems to have won this round.

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Rappers and ravers, stop glorifying deadly drugs

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Ivan Minsloff
Are ravers the modern day hippies? There are plenty of parallels, from the flower imagery to the PLUR mentality. Then, of course, there's the idea of using drugs as a path to enlightenment. (Or at least, amazing vibes.)

But when it comes to drugs there's a key difference: The hippies were safer. From their weak-ass pot to their LSD, their preferred recreational drugs were less likely to kill you.

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TML and Jim Frick's dance party REAL FUN launches Saturday

Categories: Nightlife
James Frickle and Peter Lansky prepare for REAL FUN

Too Much Love met its end this past Saturday in a sold-out, sweaty and steam-filled Record Room, while the dance party's creator and host Peter Lansky commandeered the decks for one last set as DJ Sovietpanda. Drink tickets hurled by James Frickle of WAK LYF rained down upon revelers seemingly too involved in their grinding and fist-pumping to notice. Within four hours, Lansky took guests on a trip encapsulating seven years worth of sound, traveling deftly from house into disco and finally reaching a crescendo of face-melting techno so loud that it almost drowned out the high-pitched shrieks of those "drunk girls" that LCD Soundsystem sings so fondly of.

So what comes next? Fortunately, club music aficionados need not spend more than this short week grieving the end of an era, as Lansky and Frickle are prepared to launch their brainchild party REAL FUN at the Record Room this coming Saturday.

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Seven years of Too Much Love: An oral history

Categories: Nightlife

Serene Supreme, July 2010.
Partgoer Monique Tenison poses outside of First Ave.

Too Much Love's DJ Sovietpanda, AKA Peter Lansky, has announced plans to end the weekly series on February 1 after a successful seven-year run. Beginning the following Saturday, First Avenue will play host to a new weekly event created by Lansky and friend James Frickle of WAK LYF, that they have christened REAL FUN.

To honor the memories that were created at this epic dance party, Gimme Noise spoke to Lansky and the partygoers who kept the dance floor alive each and every weekend. Here is the story of Too Much Love, told in their words.

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Why everyone's getting down at the Soap Factory's Into the Void

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Primarily known as a local violinist with Brute Heart and Myrrh, Jackie Beckey -- AKA DJ Diarrhea -- and co-conspirator Christopher Allen of Bedlam theater fame have created possibly the be-all, end-all of epic holiday time blasts with Into the Void. This Saturday the two and a bevy of talented collaborators are taking over the Soap Factory as part of their Sound On-Site series of collaborative and experimental music events.

Like a real happening, Into the Void promises psychedelic projections and interactive space caves courtesy of Heart of the Beast and a sight specific musical installation by Nona Marie of Dark Dark Dark. It should envelop attendees as pulsing dance music instigates bacchanalian magnificence in the Soap Factory's ever chameleon-like walls.

In between setting up her DJ gear and a bouncy castle for the big night we were able to corner Beckey for a minute to fill us in on what to expect from the unexpected evening.

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Steve Aoki promoter on Epic barricade collapse: No one asked for a refund

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Another weekend, another crazy show at Epic. Seven days after a Yo Gotti show ended in tragedy, the downtown Minneapolis club hosted party-hard DJ Steve Aoki. As we now know, the swell of people at the front of the stage was so powerful at the start of his set that it knocked over the front barricade and sent lots of people piling on top of each other.

One person watching with concern was the night's promoter, Sound in Motion's Jack Trash. "I've been throwing parties for 20 years, I worked at First Ave for five years, and I've never seen a surge like the one I saw," he says of Saturday. "It was just insane. Everyone wants to be at the front when he starts. There were a lot of people who had a good time, but it was just crazy for a few minutes."

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Steve Aoki fans crushed during barricade collapse at Epic

Categories: Nightlife
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

By Matt Scott

Update: Promoter Jack Trash has responded to the incident.

I've been raging my face off at EDM shows for the past four years, and I can say without a doubt that Steve Aoki this past Saturday was the most reckless situation I've yet to experience.

Don't get me wrong -- the show was on legendary levels of awesome. From cannons of confetti to getting blasted in the face by flying cake, the Aokify America Tour (review here) was worth every bruise and every penny. That being said, I'm concerned about the future of EDM here in Minneapolis if event organizers and club owners host nights that get out of control in the way that Saturday did.

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The CC Club brings back its old-school jukebox

When we put together May's cover feature, "An Oral History of the CC Club," nearly everyone we talked to -- bar owners and bar flies, journalists and rock stars -- had something to say about the bar's legendary jukebox.

Some of their tales were eulogies. About two years ago, the bar's owners ditched their old model in favor of an electronic, internet-equipped TouchTunes version. Now, though, CC Club regulars have cause for a toast: At the end of August, the bar's new managers decided to bring a classic juke back.

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Foreigner and Shakopee High School Choir collaborate to try to discover what love is

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Do we really know what love is? Is it large amounts of chocolate? Is it a little fat guy with wings and an arrow? Is it my healthy, safe obsession with Jessica Alba? Or how about the love of music and live performance from a high school choir in Shakopee?

On Friday night, the classic American band Foreigner -- who have sold over 80 million records worldwide -- is playing to a sold-out Mystic Lake Casino Showroom, and they asked for a little help on one of their biggest hits, "I Want to Know What Love Is," the famous '80s power ballad that has been covered by such artists as Wynonna Judd and Mariah Carey over the years. They enlisted 25 juniors and seniors from the Shakopee High School Concert Stage Choir, directed by 26-year-vet Mike Kovic. How and why did this happen?

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Report: Station 4 could be changing to a blues venue

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Photo by Steve Cohen
Longtime St. Paul punk and metal venue Station 4 might be getting more of a makeover than what it originally bargained for. Back in June, the Lowertown club announced it would be closing for the summer to get a long-overdue renovation to its air conditioning system. Shows on the books moved to other venues, and the plan was to reopen after Labor Day.

Now, a cryptic message on the venue's Facebook page suggests that the changes could be more than just a breath of conditioned air, instead an entire revamp of the format of the space.

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