In defense of the Juggalos

Nate "Igor" Smith

There's something to be said for non-conformity. We tend to think of non-conformist types as pioneers: free-thinkers, uninhibited by the expectations and opinions of others and unafraid to stand out in a crowd. We admire their courage and originality, and secretly wish we could be so brave. We've held many of these people up on a pedestal throughout human history, and as a society tend to think of their free-spirited nature as a virtue.

That is, unless those people are juggalos.

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Report: Prince might play downtown St. Paul concert

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Taking this one with a grain of salt, but there's reportedly a chance that Prince will perform an outdoor concert in downtown St. Paul next month.

At this point, MPR News cites "people with direct knowledge of the situation" who claim that the Minnesota-bred R&B-funk superstar Prince is discussing "dates, locations, permits and security" with the city of St. Paul.
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Tom Morello rages against Paul Ryan's machine

Photo by Erik Hess (More shots here.)
Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello rallies against another Wisconsin Republican, Scott Walker, back in June.
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Big shock: The revelation that Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine didn't go over well with the members of the band. Gimme Noise predicted this earlier in the week. In an op-ed with Rolling Stone, guitarist Tom Morello affirmed that the Wisconsin Republican "is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades."
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The 4onthefloor releases "Mumford & Sons Crap"

Categories: Nontroversy
Nice T-shirt, dude.
After submitting to an interview (with a now-passionate comments field) regarding Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith's comments about them, the 4onthefloor is back today with a song named after his description of the band. "Mock Duck/Mumford & Sons Crap" is set to the tune of the far-more-famous British folk-rock act's ubiquitous "The Cave."

Here, we find Gabriel Douglas and five pals playing the song, which is like a recipe for M&S acoustic bliss to some ears -- and like shards of glass to others. Amusement.

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