10 rules of mosh pit etiquette

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All illustrations by Dave Watt

In my years attending punk and metal shows, often as the only one with a pen and pad in the middle, I've noticed that there are a few unwritten rules when participating in a mosh pit. The seemingly amorphous fits of aggression that explode from the center of certain crowds have some unspoken guidelines to keep in mind if you wish to engage properly with the spirit of violence.

Here are our 10 rules of mosh pit etiquette.

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Rappers and ravers, stop glorifying deadly drugs

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Ivan Minsloff
Are ravers the modern day hippies? There are plenty of parallels, from the flower imagery to the PLUR mentality. Then, of course, there's the idea of using drugs as a path to enlightenment. (Or at least, amazing vibes.)

But when it comes to drugs there's a key difference: The hippies were safer. From their weak-ass pot to their LSD, their preferred recreational drugs were less likely to kill you.

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Antibody Wanna Dance: A fundraiser for photographer Erik Hess

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Erik Hess
Chances are that you've probably never heard of Erik Hess. But if you keep up at all on the local music scene, and especially if you read this blog, then you've no doubt seen his photography before. Hess is one of our nightlife's most vibrant and prolific voices; on any given night, he's likely out and about, snapping photos and documenting the Twin Cities' best parties and concerts.

And now Hess needs our help.

Hess suffers from a rare immunodeficiency disease known as Common Variable Immunodeficiency, or CVID, and he's against the fence with with his medical bills. So his numerous friends and collaborators from the music community have organized a benefit, called Antibody Wanna Dance, set to take place at the Turf Club on Saturday, May 25.

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Gay Witch Abortion's drum set stolen

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GWA First Ave.jpg
Photo By Daniel Corrigan

There should be a special place reserved in hell for those thieves who steal gear from musicians. Most musicians struggle to get by, and whatever extra income they do make typically gets reinvested back into improving/repairing their instruments, so whenever that priceless gear gets stolen from them it hits extra hard.

The latest local musician to get hit by a lowlife instrument thief is Gay Witch Abortion drummer Shawn Walker, who had most of his drum kit stolen from his car in the Uptown area near 26th and Aldrich Avenue South.

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Twin Cities Nets and the Nomad raise funds to fight malaria

Nomad.jpgHard to imagine that something so small could make someone so sick, but it’s true. Some hundred years later malaria is still a major health threat across the world.

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Pine Derby for adults raises funds for kids

derby%202.jpgSure, they’re just a hunk of pine painted fancy on rubber wheels, but you know you’ll shriek and cheer when those homemade vehicles whip by at 4 mph.

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Oversize PSA Driving Around Maplewood

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In case you didn't get the message, all televisions signals will be digital on February 17, 2009. This means that analog sets will need a special antenna. Don't worry, the federal government is on the case. In either a neat-o coincidence or the Federal Communications Commission showing a religious preference, on that date in 1958 Pope Pius XII named Saint Clare of Assisi of the patron saint of television. When she was too ill to go to mass, she miraculously could see it being celebrated on the wall and hear it. There is no patron saint for TV trucks, as far as I can tell. More »