Flora Cash's Cole Randall confesses, apologizes for defacing Pompeys Pillar


A quick listen to Plymouth-based Flora Cash's sepia-toned folk makes them seem like passionate souls. Unfortunately, that passion led to an ill-informed decision on singer/guitarist Cole Randall's part. According to the lengthy confession and apology he posted in letter form Monday, his choice to etch "Cole + Shpresa <3 10/10/2013" near explorer William Clark's name on the historic sandstone of Pompeys Pillar in Montana was motivated by "love and fear of loss."

On October 10, the pair were caught on the national monument's grounds. The carving that Randall's wife and bandmate Shpresa Lleshaj had advised against was later discovered by investigators. Randall says he regrets the decision to go against her wishes and is ready to face the consequences. The text of his letter is below.

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Photo by Nicola Losik
Father John Misty
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