Desdamona is a rapping lunch lady in new Kmart ad

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Screengrab via YouTube
L-R: Nikki Lynette and Desdamona just made it rain... corn.

A year after the back-to-school campaign featuring Da Rich Kidzz, KMart once again taps into the local scene with a new commercial starring Desdamona as a rapping lunchlady. It's a fun spot that plays off her natural energy as an MC, and she appreciated the opportunity to do something a little outside the box.

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Guante details his full-length with Dem Atlas as Sifu Hotman

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Photo courtesy of the artist

Last year, Guante and Dem Atlas dropped a short collaborative project with producer Rube as Sifu Hotman. The three-song EP has since grown into the full-length album Embrace the Sun, complete with more songs and an exclusive remix from producer Lewis Parker, set for release on July 29.

To premiere the group effort, the trio is playing an all-ages show at Intermedia Arts Friday, and Gimme Noise sat with Guante to get the details.

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Warren G children's book released by South Dakota rapper

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Photo courtesy of the artist
As anyone with functioning ears will tell you, there's never a bad time to hear Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate." Whether you spend your days hitting the east side of the LBC or just watching your Above the Rim VHS, the classic song's always been a welcome presence. South Dakota rapper and Soulcrate Music member Wes Eisenhauer is further spreading the good word of "Regulate" by introducing it into the medium of a children's book.

Debuting on tumblr, word of Regulate: The Children's Book is spreading and we spoke to Eisenhauer to hear how it came to be.

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Why 2008 was hip-hop's worst year

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Def Jam Records
Everyone seems to agree that 1994 was hip-hop's best year. We don't exactly disagree.

But what was hip-hop's worst year? No it's not, as so many stick-in-the-mud hip-hop traditionalists say every year, "this year."

In fact, it was, unequivocally, 2008. And here's why.

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The best Minnesota rap albums of 2014 (so far)

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Photo by Darren Johnson
The local rap scene has already shown itself to be in control in 2014 -- and we're only halfway through. Creativity is coming from all corners of the Twin Cities.

Gimme Noise compiled our picks for the best rap albums thus far.

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The 23 most quotable lines from Riff Raff's new album Neon Icon

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Riff Raff and young Jody Husky
Enter this one in the annals of rap -- today Riff Raff released his long-mooted and often-delayed studio debut album, Neon Icon. Dropping via Diplo's Mad Decent stable, the 15-track project brims with Jody Highroller's now trademark bedazzled brags. Here's your handy run-through of Neon Icon's most quintessentially Riff Raffian boasts, capped at 23 in honor of his jones for Jordans. (Spoiler: Allusions to bi-curious mermaids, $1,000 ham steaks, and David Hasselhoff's hair ensue.)More »

Hear Eyedea's unreleased final verse on Sadistik's "Chemical Burns"

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Photos by Alexis Teeling and Jules Ameel
L-R: Sadistik and Eyedea

This week, rapper Sadistik premiered "Chemical Burns" a new song that features what could be the final Eyedea guest appearance we'll ever hear.

Ahead of the July 1 release of his upcoming album Ultraviolet, Gimme Noise spoke to Sadistik about how the track came together and Eyedea's legacy.

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Kristoff Krane and Carnage hosting young artist showcase Survival of the Fittest

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Lt. Sunnie

Kristoff Krane, through working at Minneapolis's Youthlink (an organization for youth experiencing homelessness) met the four young rappers representing Friday's Survivial of the Fittest showcase at the Nicollet.

Gimme Noise met with the performers, fresh from a night hustling flyers and freestyling on Soul Tools Radio on KFAI alongside Kristoff and Carnage, to talk about the show and how their paths crossed.

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Franz Diego celebrates the Equinox EP and four years of Turnt Up!


Away from the bro bars and $12 dollar drink nightspots of downtown Minneapolis, just past the Grain Belt sign and across the river in Northeast Minneapolis, Turnt Up! has become one of the most successful club nights. It has quietly sold out on the second Friday of each month, and a kaleidoscope of fashion and personality line up along NE Hennepin before midnight to jockey for a spot in the imitate Honey.

The three-DJ crew of Noam the Dummer, Gabe Garcia and Willie Shu spin, mix and scratch over a experimental sounds of old school, progressive and new jackness of the urban and dance varieties as a crowd -- that would make the "Rumpshaker" video jealous -- shine in party glory. You can find Franz Diego on the mic hosting and toasting. Basically it's a fun house party without the stale Doritos sitting on the coffee table. 

Gimme Noise spoke to Franz Diego who is busy this week preparing for the party's fourth anniversary bash and is celebrating his new EP project, which was released last week.
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Help fund The Origins of Minnesota Hip Hop documentary

Categories: Rap/Hip Hop
From The Origins of Minnesota Hip Hop

With a unique position and long standing within the local hip-hop scene, Jason Corporal of is just the person to helm a documentary about it. He recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for what promises to be an engaging and well-researched film.

It's a big story to tell, and the wide range of artists and time periods mentioned even in the preview gives the impression it'll be covered pretty thoroughly. Gimme Noise caught up with the director to talk about the scope of the project and why it's an important and worthwhile investment.

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