Me and My Arrow comb the Twin Cities for records (INTERVIEW)

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Me and My Arrow drummer Mitch Miller, guitarist Jacob Grun, bassist Sarah Schneeberger and keyboardist Brian McDonough all enjoy bigger pieces of the Local Bin's pie.
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While Minneapolis' Me And My Arrow have distilled their once-mammoth roster to a more traditional five-piece, the group approached this second installment of The Local Bin with a quixotic outlook. 

In a pilgrimage that laid waste to all used vinyl offerings west of the Twin Cities' Mississipi barrier, Me and My Arrow carried their knack for eclecticism across three stores in a friendly game of thrifty sport. With City Pages alumnus and friend-of-the-band Steve Marsh acting as a judging panel of one, the band's two teams left no liner-note unskimmed in their search for the best plastic eight dollars could buy. Check out a video of the tournament along with some more civil discussions before the group plays the West Bank Music Festival at the Triple Rock this Saturday.

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Prissy Clerks and Gimme Noise go shopping at Treehouse Records (INTERVIEW)

Categories: The Local Bin
Photo by Andrew Penkalski
Accordionist Emily Lazear, guitarist Clara Salyer, drummer Tim Leick Jr and bassist Howard Hamilton III show off their subsidized records.
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Gimme Noise wants to help our Twin Cities musicians push this envelope of rock 'n' roll shit-shooting, and it's something that can only occur in certain local spaces where any inch of floorspace can play soapbox to any yokel fancying himself a Robert Christgau. These places are called record stores.

"The Local Bin" is a decidedly simple conceit: Take bands record shopping and start talking. With financial provisions rivaled only by the wealthiest of Edina 10th-graders, Minneapolis's crunchy rock dream-weavers Prissy Clerks willingly played guinea pigs for an afternoon outing with us to Treehouse Records, where we discussed their work a bit -- but let the tangential cues around us take over. A bunch of it was captured on video. The group plays Friday at the Basilica Block Party. 
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