Prince to Play a Rally 4 Peace Concert Sunday in Baltimore

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Spurred by the protesting and unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, Minneapolis hero Prince has announced a Rally 4 Peace concert this Sunday, May 10. The Mother's Day show will take place at 5 p.m. at Royal Farms Arena in downtown Baltimore, with 3rdEyeGirl joining the Purple One on stage.

The announcement of Rally 4 Peace was also accompanied by the lyrics to a new song entitled "Baltimore" (see below). Prince, who is urging all in attendance Sunday to wear gray in a show of solidarity for Gray, who died in police custody April 19, says he hopes this song will act as "a tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore."

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I Met Prince (and Judith Hill) at Paisley Park

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Warner Bros.
This man welcomed me into his Chanhassen palace.

Is my time as valuable as Prince's? Certainly not, said a journalist to himself as he drove 35 miles an hour on an ice-and-slush mixture that had already claimed several victims along Highway 212. Any of the ditch-nestled cars could've been heading to Paisley Park too.

In all seriousness, a semi-exclusive invitation to Prince's Chanhassen lair was a bit of a purple prize. Cloaked in just enough vagueness, the invite arrived early on Sunday, and instructions trickled in throughout the day. Was this a rehearsal session for his pop-up tour, or a definitive unveiling of the storied vault? Or a wild, suburban gray duck chase? And yet another writer succumbed to a self-referential story about entering this pop star's inner sanctum.

The snow collected on a medium-sized grouping of cars inside the Paisley lot, which sits next to the massive compound bathed in orchid light. "Wait in your cars," they said. "We're just about ready."

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The Making of Purple Rain Is a Great Read

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Purple Rain Poster
His Purpleness in his most recognizable form...though today's puffy afro and walking stick version has its own appeal.

Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain
By Alan Light
Atria Books, 304 pp., $26

If you were a Warner Bros. movie studio executive, you had damn good reason to be nervous in July 1984, awaiting the release, critical reception, and box-office fortunes of a film called Purple Rain.

Here was a semi-autobiographical movie about an ambiguously sexual musician not many people had heard of, with a cobbled-together script, punctuated by lengthy concert sequences, and spoken by largely untrained actors. It was also filmed mostly in cold Minneapolis by a first-time director (Albert Magnoli), and the star refused to do much in the way of publicity when the film was complete.

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Prince Had Hoop Dreams in Junior High [PHOTO]

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Prince suiting up for Bryant Junior High.
A handful of years before Prince became a diminutive pop star he was ripping it up on Twin Cities basketball courts. An amazing find by Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany uncovered some documentation of the Purple One's early athletic pursuits. The story was part of a series penned by Strib staffer Jon Bream, who has since commented on this piece of viral history.

As Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy told us several years later, Prince can still play ball -- even in a blouse.

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Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard Wore Prince Earrings on SNL

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Screengrab via NBC
Nothing compares 2 Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard with Prince earrings.
Alabama Shakes' return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend was both soulful and stylish. A pair of emotionally crushing new tracks, "Don't Wanna Fight" and "Gimme All Your Love," effectively stoked anticipation for April's release of their sophomore full-length, Sound & Color. But did you see frontwoman Brittany Howard's ears?

Update: Alabama Shakes are coming to Minneapolis in May! Details below.

Amidst her plentiful hammering on her seafoam green SG and emotional outpouring on the mic, two tiny Prince faces were taking in all the action. Here's a closer look.

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Prince's Face Won the 2015 Grammys

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Screengrab via CBS
This expression was the big takeaway from the 2015 Grammy Awards.

The Grammy Awards telecast is like a plastic handle of vodka. The moments of elated bliss are brief, and, well, you know the rest.

When lucky, a music fan watching the Grammys is incensed. "Sam Smith wins again?" "They condemn domestic violence, but look who's in the room?!" "The GWAR singer was left off the "musicians we lost" montage?!?!" But often the true lovers of glam rock, K-pop, cloud rap, death metal, or West African Tuareg blues are left bored, listless, and scrolling through Twitter to find meaning.

Prince showed his exasperation in the middle of the show's third hour, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  

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Prince Collaborator Rosie Gaines Has Fallen Ill: How You Can Help

Rosie Gaines

One of the key players in Prince's sound in the late '80s and early '90s has been hit with a series of health challenges. Rosie Gaines was reportedly hospitalized in December for a serious infection in both of her legs. Friends and collaborators are rallying to help her with a benefit show in her current hometown of Oakland.

As a singer, keyboardist, and songwriter, Gaines provided crucial contributions to 1991's Diamonds and Pearls. In addition to the scorching vocals alongside the Purple One that secured the title track as one of his classics, she also brought "Nothing Compares 2 U" to life in a live version featured on his '93 deluxe hits package. Since then, she's released numerous solo projects, but complications from diabetes have hampered her ability to work.

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RIP, Prince's Twitter and Facebook Accounts

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Twitter/Warner Bros.
@3rdEyeGirl is out of commission.

It seems the Purple One is now the artist formerly known on social media.

The always enigmatic Prince joined Twitter in August of 2013, and delighted us by posting some selfies as @3rdEyeGirl, which later was revealed as his new band. The page fit well into the dual promotional campaign for this year's Plectrumelecrum and Art Official Age. This past October, he briefly adopted Facebook and conducted a fan Q&A, wherein he notoriously only answered a single question related to sound frequencies. As of today, both accounts are inactive.

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Cardboard Prince Takes a Tour of London

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All Photos Courtesy Explore Minnesota Tourism

After safe passage abroad, the cardboard representation of Prince has spent the last couple of days taking a royal expedition across the pond in London.

Recently, Explore Minnesota Tourism's market development manager Bill Von Bank recruited our Purple Rain-era friend as an unofficial ambassador for the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Together, they're attending the World Travel Market trade show. Between November 1 and 6, they have the primary goal of boosting local tourism here, and the secondary goal of crossing items off a cardboard bucket list. Here are several photos from the expedition.

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Watch Prince's Eight-Minute Saturday Night Live Performance

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Prince made a powerful return to the Chris Rock-hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend with an eight-minute jam.

The Minneapolis pop, funk, and soul fusionist made sure that all of his talents were on display for his third official musical guest slot with the help of 3rdEyeGirl, Lianne La Havas, Liv Warfield, and other Paisley Park associates sharing the stage. He even sported a pair of his custom three-eye shades.

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