Best Sarah Palin Tribute Ever!

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Lloyd Marcus, a Florida-based Republican singer wrote this brilliant, brilliant ditty, "Sarah Smile," about the moose hunter VP candidate. He's touring the nation with a PAC called Our Country Deserves Better. They hate Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the OCDB tour isn't coming to the Twin Cities, but you can still catch Marcus' act on YouTube. A few choice lyrics:
"John McCain, he did it right, very much to our delight. 'Cause the nominee is the person we've been hoping for. Oooohh! Her qualifications are plain to see, and when it comes to character, she really moves me! So let's go, and pull the leverrrrr!!!"

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RNC Arrests: Police State of Mind

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A weird thing happens to your nervous system when a flashbang grenade explodes close enough for you to smell it. The higher vestiges of your consciousness evaporate and you suddenly go into slow-motion autopilot. The rational part of your brain knows, knows, that flashbangs are virtually harmless. That their function is to frighten, not injure. But that part of your brain is gone. Base instinct takes over and you're no longer human-- just a hairless ape trying to avoid things that go bang.

As John McCain spoke to the Xcel Energy Center Thursday night about America's obligation to confront "threats to peace and liberty in our time," armed agents were busy cuffing and detaining nearly 400 people a half-mile away across I-94. Most were protesters who had overstayed their permit. (Their freedom to assemble had expired 5 p.m. that afternoon.) Many were journalists and bystanders.

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Field notes from the RNC protests

Since my story isn't as dramatic as Andy Mannix's -- a few shoves, some jostling, and a gentle love-tap with a club or two -- I'm just going to run down some Thursday anecdotes that have fallen through the cracks.

If you're that interested in what happened to me personally (and thank you for the concern), feel free to ask. If you want harrowing and dramatic accounts of physical and chemical clashes, read Andy's post, or kick it up about 10 notches and watch this.

Sign of the Day: My favorite sign, a reference to this comic. Trust me, it's funny. Subtler than "I kissed a grill," but just as clever.

Runner-up: "If we hadn't protested Vietnam, McCain would still be a POW."

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RNC riot trip report: one journalist's encounter with mace

By Andy Mannix

It was almost 6:30 p.m. on the corner of Cedar Street and 12th Street in St. Paul Thursday, and what had set out to be a symbolic march protesting the last day of the Republican National Convention was at its second standoff with police since it left the Capitol an hour and a half before -- purposely the moment their assembly permit expired.

Some noise about "an illegal assembly" and going "back where you came from" was grumbled through a megaphone by a source rendered invisible by multiple waves of riot cops, but the protesters weren't having any of it. "You go back to where you came from," one of them screamed,"back to hell!"

Protesters sit in a circle, waiting to be arrested. More photos in the slideshow. Also see the liveblog.

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The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviews Stephen Baldwin at the RNC

Before the festivities yesterday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on the floor of the Xcel filming footage for a segment on The View. She interviewed Stephan Baldwin, who, like her, is among the minority of Hollywood stars who are unabashed Republicans.

After the interview was over, a fan approached Hasselbeck to express her dismay at The View's increasingly liberal leanings. "I stopped watching because they're so angry," said the middle-aged woman.

"Keep watching for me," Elisabeth urged. "Or just watch Fox News."

The fan concurred that Fox News was the only way to get accurate information about what's really happening in the country.

"I watch Fox News. That always makes me feel better," Elisabeth said.

I'm guessing the folks at ABC News aren't going to be too happy about that.



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Weirdest RNC Conspiracy Theory: Obama murdered gay lover

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Spotted in the audience where Chris Matthews was taping Hardball on Wednesday:



Liveblogging the RNC day 4: John McCain is a POW.

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One final day. One final speech. The most famous POW gets to tell his tale of POWing out to the masses. Bring your chips and popcorn. Bristol, hold hands with Levi. The RNC ends with CODEPINK crashing the party. Thank god we got this live.

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The RNC’s most obscure protester

By Ben Westhoff

From ending the war in Iraq to Israel out of Palestine to universal health care to legalized weed, the refrains of the protesters have grown predictable on day four. But the harvesting of shark fins? Who knew? As you’ll see in the below video, it turns out that really some bad people – well, Asians seeking medicine and Tennesseans seeking soup, in any case -- are killing our underwater friends for their humps, their humps, their lovely shark fin humps. (Really sorry about that one.)

Who knew this was something folks got worked up about? Actually, it turns out not many people do. In fact, this lovely young lady is the only one. That is, except for her mom, who didn’t want to be shown in the video because she could “get in trouble at work.” Yeah, it’s true, the pro-shark-fin-harvesting partisans are pervasive and powerful.

Best T-shirts, Signs, and Outfits of the RNC, Part 1

By Ben Westhoff

With the RNC winding down, we're already getting nostalgic. Here are a few of our favorite T-shirts, signs, outfits -- and one necklace -- we've seen around the RNC this week. Feel free to link to your own faves in the comment section.

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Politically masked

By Ben Westhoff

According to Gallup’s daily tracking poll, Obama leads McCain 49 percent to 43. But who’s leading when it comes to presidential mask sales? For the answer to this important question, we turned to a representative from Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co. Inc., planted on West 7th Street. Her answer may surprise you; it turns out a monarch with a propensity for trans fat is also in the picture.

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