Republican Celebrities and the Republicans They Love

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Uber-blog Politico has a story about which Hollywood stars are endorsing which Republican candidates. We all know that fitness guru Chuck Norris is on board with brother-in-Christ Mike Huckabee.

But what about Kelsey "Sniffles" Grammer?
Or Adam "The 67,543rd most talented man in show business" Sandler?
Sorry Huck, but these boys remember the pain of 9/11. They're with Rudy.
So are Jon "Superdad" Voight, Ron "Noun, Verb, September 11" Silver, Melissa Gilbert, and celebrated unfunny warmonger Dennis Miller.

In McCain's camp:
* Actor and serial drunk-driver Rip Torn
* Matriculating septuagenarian funnyman Dick Van Patten
* Producers Jerry Bruckheimer, Barry Diller, and Kirk Kerkorian
* Noted African-American media tycoon Richard Parsons
* Canadian evildoer Lorne Michaels

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