To Know Rudy is To Loathe Him

Categories: Rudy Giuliani

Ever notice that the more people get to know Rudy Giuliani, the less they like him?

The Hyena is spending $350K a day in Florida ... and plunging in the polls. Check out Talking Points Memo's poll tracker for that state, where Giuliani is mostly running third or fourth.

Remember when America's Mayor was leading in national polls about electability? The more the country has learned about this guy -- from mistresses to Bernie Kerik, to just plain old personality -- the more we've moved on from him.

Rudy's not even dead in the water at this point. He's already hit the water, died, decomposed, been eaten by fish, excreted, and assimilated into the marine environment by coral. Which is fitting, given that Rudy is more than a little twisted himself.

Even if he pulls out a miraculous Florida victory, this is likely the case. America has said to its ex-Mayor what Propagandhi did years ago, in their tune "Ska Sucks."

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