"Yes, We Can" the sequel

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Just in time for the Texas and Ohio primaries, Will.i.am releases a follow-up to his original pro-Obama video, "Yes, We Can."

"We Are the Ones" features a chorus of "Oh-Bah-MUH! Oh-Bah-MUH!" chants over the testimonials/inspirational one-liners of a slew of celebrities, including Macy Gray and a preggers Jessica Alba.

No doubt looking to energize the large bloc of Hispanic voters in Texas--a demographic that Hillary Clinton has relied on and whose support she needs to retain to even have a shot--the video incorporates a few choice Spanish phrases and Hispanic celebrities (take a bow George Lopez and John Leguizamo.)

Overall take: like most sequels, this one falls short of the bar set by its predecessor.

Decide for yourself:

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