Kinky politican sex makes the world go 'round.

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It must be spring. The politician sex stories are rolling in.

We all know about former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who allegedly spent more on prostitutes than the median American household makes in a year. But like all tumultuous narrative events, these sex stories come in threes.

Guess what else comes in threes? The McGreeveys. Remember Jim McGreevey, the governor of New Jersey forced to come out during his administration due to an illicit extramarital relationship? Turns out he and his wife had regular three-way sex with his driver, something they called the "Friday Night Special" (she denies this, but McGreevey and the driver say it happened).

The former aide, Teddy Pedersen, told the New York Post and New Jersey's Star-Ledger he began having threesomes with the McGreeveys -- a routine "hard-core consensual sex orgy" they called the "Friday Night Special" -- in the late 1990s during Dina and Jim's courtship, and that the trysts continued after the couple's marriage in 2000, the papers reported online Sunday.

The most boring of this trifecta is your garden-variety affairs apparently undertaken by both Patersons during a rocky patch in their coupling. Yawn. But this third example is another invocation of the rare but politically deadly "governor jinx". Is this a burgeoning movement among governors? Trend story, anyone?

Someone needs to start following Tim Pawlenty around, just in case.

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