Danica Patrick refuses to quit race

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This DailyKos diary is the best satire I've read since A Modest Proposal:

Today at the Indianapolis 500 Danica Patrick, IndyCar's premiere Female Driver, insisted that she would keep driving around the track affectionately known as the Brickyard even if she lost today's race.

"You can't win it unless you are in it," she said. When questioned on what was the point of driving around a track after you've lost the race Danica responded, "Well, see the race isn't over until all the cars cross the track at 550 miles." Then she insisted that the Indianapolis 500 was actually the Indy 550 according to crew chief, Terry McAuliffe's own map of the racetrack.

"You know a lot of people want me to get out of the race," Danica Patrick said, "I can't really figure it out. I don't know why...In 1995 Jacques Villeneuve didn't win until the last lap of the race and in 1974 Swede Savage died before he could finish the race. So I couldn't answer -- Couldn't tell you why people want me to get out."

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