In bed with Republicans: Hillary Clinton cheats on the Democratic party UPDATED

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It was widely believed that if Hillary Clinton lost Indiana as well as North Carolina, she would be forced to exit the race. Now comes word in the new issue of Time that the only reason Hillary won Indiana was because of Republican shenanigans:

Clinton's slim margin of victory in Indiana was provided, appropriately enough, by Republicans, who were 10% of the Democratic-primary electorate and whose votes she carried 54% to 46% — some, perhaps, at the behest of the merry prankster Rush Limbaugh, who had counseled his ditto heads to bring "chaos" to the Democratic electoral process by voting for their favorite whipping girl. Clinton's new glow, her newfound stump proficiency, her symbiosis with Limbaugh, seemed an eerily Faustian narrative. But, as we know, those sorts of bargains tend to end badly.

The worst part about it is, she's not even repentent. Indeed, the Verbatim page in the front of the book features a quote from Hillary celebrating and joking about it:

'He's always had a crush on me.'

HILLARY CLINTON, on conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, who called for Republicans to vote for Clinton as a way of keeping Democrats divided

Bill only cheated on his wife. Hillary is cheating on the entire Democratic party.

UPDATE: Last night, Saturday Night Live turned on Hillary. Here's the clip:

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