Hard Cell: Amnesty International to Bring a Gitmo Cell to RNC

Categories: St. Paul

If you're not arrested for protesting the Republican National Convention, don't worry. You can still spend some time inside a prison cell. Amnesty International is bringing it's full-scale replica of the boxy rooms the US government uses to confine suspected terrorists to St. Paul during the RNC. The room features a small bed, steel toilet, shackles, and a camera and monitor for visitors to record a 30-second message with their thoughts about the prison.

If you're too claustrophobic to actually go, you can get visit the virtual cell here..

The cell will be at 270 W. Seventh Street Saint Paul
Sunday, August 31 (3-7:30 p.m.) through Wednesday, September 3 (10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.)

This puppy wants you to tear Guantanamo Bay down.

Fresh off the assembly line at the Gitmo replica cell factory.

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