Ben Stein hates Sarah Palin, but loves Cossetta's

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"Confused and disturbed" is how comedian and Republican activist Ben Stein described his reaction to John McCain's choice of running mate. The actor, whose most famous role was as Ferris Bueller's teacher, told CNN that yesterday in St. Paul.

McCain supporter Stein ripped the Palin pick, saying he was "floored" by the "peculiar" selection. Stein, CNN's Political Ticker reports, "was hoping for someone with more experience like Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who was considered to be on the shortlist of McCain’s potential running mates."

However disturbed the man behind Nixon speeches (and "Win Ben Stein's Money") might be, it's not stopping him from hanging out around the RNC. Yesterday afternoon, excited staff at Cossetta's Italian Market & Pizzeria saw him standing near their outdoor patio.

One rushed to their public address system used to announce orders. Soon we heard: "Pizza ready for ... Bueller ... Bueller." Well done, fellas.

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