Get ready to play the Sarah Palin drinking game!

By Ben Westhoff


What the hell is Sarah Palin going to talk about tonight? Admit it, unless you’ve been rummaging through her discarded notes in a Minneapolis Hilton hotel dumpster, you have no idea. That’s what makes our Sarah Palin drinking game so much fun. To play is simple -- just get some glasses and all the booze and mixers you can find, plop down on the couch, and and each time she says one of the below words in her speech, imbibe to our specifications. It’s fun for the whole family! (Note: pregnant members of your household should cut the below drinking suggestions in half.)

Alaska: Sip of beer
Hockey mom: Two sips of beer
Mooseburger: Shot of rye
Walmart: Shot of whiskey
Basketball: Shot of vodka
Gay marriage: Flaming Dr Pepper
Anarchists: Irish Car Bomb
Melanoma: Pitcher of beer
Shotgun: Sip of beer
Shotgun wedding: Full game of century club
Fetus: 10 pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea
Tard: Hit off the crack pipe

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