Holla, MF Doom, if you're reading this blog...

Dangerdoom danger doom.jpg
From my DangerDoom review in today's Seattle Weekly: "Is MF Doom reading me? Addled by the brain-spam of an age that sells everything, including the words in this sentence, I wrote last year in Minneapolis's City Pages, 'Fans love Doom precisely because, like the Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, he represents the only Dada that makes any sense in the communications age--the kind that makes no sense at all, and communicates nothing.' I added, rhetorically, 'No, he will not be right back after these important messages.' Doom's answer comes here, amid an album-length collaboration with Aqua Teen's creators at Adult Swim and producer Danger Mouse, the guy who combined the Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's The Black Album into 2004's The Grey Album: 'Now we'll be right back after these messages,' rasps the masked rapper. 'Fellas grab your nut sack, chicks squeeze your breastesses.'" The rest of the review is here.

Background: Check out all my MF Doom articles and cartoons, the DangerDoom Myspace page, MF Doom Myspace page, and Scholtes Myspace page. Oh, and here's Michaelangelo Matos's review in City Pages (we traded places for a week!). And my Halloween costume (take a wild guess).

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