Slug outs Lucy

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Like most Atmosphere articles, the new cover story in Urb (currently on newstands that haven't run out of copies) is remarkable mainly for its placement (hey, cover of Urb) and the latest Dan Monick photos of Ant and Slug in Minneapolis. But the man known to former roommates as Sean Daley kicks off his typically freewheeling phone interview by identifying "Lucy," the object of so much lyrical obsession, as follows: "Everybody's like 'Who is she?' I [usually] say she's not a real girl, that Lucy is really hip-hop or that she's my cat. No, Lucy runs fucking Muddy Waters." Which confirms what I always thought, but never broached with either Slug or Lucy, because in the end, does it really matter? Go watch either version of Solaris if you think your image of a loved one is the whole person. The correct answer is that Lucy is Slug. (And if she sings songs about him in her new band, then that character is her, too.) Update Friday: Listen to Atmosphere's studio appearance on the Current. Read the Star Tribune report on Rhymesayers' sales boom and expansion.

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