First Avenue 35th Anniversary Party

35th Anni Craig Finn and P.O.S. and Pabst.jpg

Above: P.O.S. and Craig Finn. Here's a brief review of last Wednesday's show.

For more photos and memories, check out: How Was the Show, this full review by Andrea Myers on the same site, her flickr set, her Jayhawks review, David de Young's flickr set, Steven Cohen's photos, Chris Warren's flickr set, Riemenschneider's review, Raihala's review, Tony Nelson's photos, links at First Avenue's DEMO site, this thread at SOMB, and this thread at TCPunk.

35th Anni Mofos singer.jpg

35th Anni Mofos.jpg

35th Anni Curtiss A.jpg

35th Anni Allison with drum stick.jpg

35th Anni Doomtree.jpg

Above: The Mighty Mofos with Cindy Lawson; Curtiss A; Allison with a drum stick during the set; Doomtree's Dessa, P.O.S., and Kai (with Jessy Greene behind hand sign). Below: Rifle Sport's Chris Johnson (with Gerard behind him); Mike Watt and Kraig Johnson; Craig Finn and Ed Ackerson; Grant Hart and Mike Watt; Craig Finn and Ed Ackerson; Rita of the Koalas.

35th Anni Rifle Sport Chris Johnson.jpg

35th Anni Mike Watt and Kraig Johnson.jpg

35th Anni Mike Watt.jpg

35th Anni Craig Finn and Ed Ackerson.jpg

35th Anni Grant Hart and Mike Watt.jpg

35th Anni Craig Finn and Ed Ackerson embracing.jpg

35th Anni Rita of the Koalas.jpg

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