Top 10 Minnesota Albums of 2005

I Self Devine Self Destruction.jpg

1. I Self Devine, Self Destruction (Rhymesayers)

You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having.jpg

2. Atmosphere, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (Rhymesayers/Navarre)

Low The Great Destroyer.jpg

3. Low, The Great Destroyer (Sub Pop)

Mint Condition Livin' the Luxury Brown.jpg

4. Mint Condition, Livin' the Luxury Brown (Image/Cagedbird)

Charlie Parr Rooster.jpg

5. Charlie Parr, Rooster (Little Judges)

Stephanie Says Sex, Socialism and the Seaside.jpg

6. Stephanie Says, Sex, Socialism and the Seaside (Grimsey) (Nice MPR piece here.)

Birthday Suits CD.jpg

7. Birthday Suits, Cherry Blue (Nice & Neat Records)

Kill the Vultures CD.jpg

8. Kill the Vultures, Kill the Vultures (JIB)

Irv Williams Dedicated to You.jpg

9. Irv Williams, Dedicated to You (Ding-Dong Music)

Halloween Alaska CD.jpg

10. Halloween, Alaska, Too Tall to Hide (East Side Digital)

Top 20 Local Songs of 2005:

1. Low, "Monkey," from The Great Destroyer (Sub Pop)

2. Atmosphere, "Pour Me Another," from You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (Rhymesayers/Navarre)

3. I Self Devine, "Ice Cold," from Self Destruction (Rhymesayers)

Trama Tramagnum.jpg

4. Trama, "Praise God," from Tramagnum the Album (K.E.P.)

5. Kill the Vultures, "The Vultures," from Kill the Vultures (JIB)

6. Mint Condition, "Luxury Brown," from Livin' the Luxury Brown (Image/Cagedbird)

The Soviettes LP III.jpg

7. Soviettes, "Multiply and Divide," from LP III (Fat Wreck Chords)

8. Halloween, Alaska, "Drowned," from Too Tall to Hide (East Side Digital)

Yoni Now That's What I Call Copyright Infringement.jpg

9. Medida, "People," from Yoni, Now That's What I Call Copyright Infringement! Volume One (self-released)

Desdamona The Ledge.jpg

10. Desdamona, "I Don't Stop," from The Ledge (self-released)

Terry Eason The Aching of the Household Fly.jpg

11. Terry Eason, "Like Me More," from The Aching of the Household Fly (

Kanser Self Titled.jpg

12. Kanser, "Look Love," from Self Titled (Interlock)

Ernie Rhodes The Orbital Effect.jpg

13. Ernie Rhodes, "The Works (Get Movin')," from The Orbital Effect (Modern Day/Dialogue Elevaters)

14. Birthday Suits, "Twin Cities Bridge Is," from Cherry Blue (Nice & Neat Records)

Contac Anutha All Nighta.jpg

15. Contac, "Set It Off," from Anutha All Nighta (Lazyeye Entertainment/ATM Recordings)

Boy Girl Boy Girl Sugar Skull Maker.jpg

16. Boy Girl Boy Girl, "Freak Accident," from Sugar Skull Maker (Spinout)

Twin Town High Vol. 7.jpg

17. Aphrill, "Schoolyard Bullies," from Various artists, Twin Town High Vol. 7, 2005-2006 (Pulse/Copycats)

Cecil Otter False Hopes.jpg

18. Cecil Otter, "Mom Song," from False Hopes (Doomtree)

American Head Charge The Feeding.jpg

19. American Head Charge, "Loyalty," from The Feeding (DRT/Nitrus)

Sims Lights Out Paris.jpg

20. Sims, "Dreamsleep," from Lights Out Paris (Doomtree)

30-Plus More Local Albums Worth Hearing:

Soviettes, LP III (Fat Wreck Chords)

Trama, Tramagnum the Album (K.E.P.)

Vicious Vicious Don't Look So Surprised.jpg

Vicious Vicious, Don't Look So Surprised (The Redemption Recording Co.)

Extreme Guitar Orchestra Live!.jpg

Extreme Guitar Orchestra, Live! (self-released)

Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs Last Album.jpg

Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs, Last Album (self-released)

Electropolis CD.jpg

Electropolis, Electropolis (Innova Recordings)

Cheap Cologne Something Random.jpg

Cheap Cologne, Something Random (Broke-Ass Records)

Various artists, Twin Town High Vol. 7, 2005-2006 (Pulse/Copycats)

Beaner's Live.jpg

Various artists, Beaner's Central One Week Live Volume III (self-released)

Plain Ole Bill Student of the Old Teacher of the New School.jpg

Plain Ole Bill, Student of the Old, Teacher of the New School (self-released)

Various artists, TC Electropunk Vol. 2 (self-released)

The Best of Paul Westerberg.jpg

Paul Westerberg, Besterberg: The Best of Paul Westerberg (Rhino)

Little Black Books, Only One Name (In My Little Black Book)

Ant, Melodies and Memories 85-89 (Rhymesayers)

Headshots Se7en Atmosphere.jpg

Atmosphere, Headshots Se7en [reissue with label sampler] (Rhymesayers)

Chris Koza, Exit Pesce (self-released)

Happy Apple, The Peace Between Our Companies (Sunnyside/Universal)

The Deaths, Choir Invisible (Go Johnny Go/Elephant Park)

Matt Jennings, Two Become One

Impaler, Habeas Corpus (Root of All Evil)

Mark Mallman, Seven Years (EGT)

Omaur Bliss, Omaur Bliss

Slug (with Murs), Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (Rhymesayers)

Various artists, The Best of Smoke-Free Saturday Nights Vol. 2

Various artists, The Bootlegs: Celebrating 35 Years at First Avenue

Various artists, City Pages Picked 2 Click (Copycats)

Various artists, Music of China

Various artists, 4th Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop (Copycats)

[This list in progress through early January; sorry the graphics and labels are incomplete...]

Three Albums that Aren't Local, but They're Almost Local, and They're Really Good:

The Hold Steady Separation Sunday.jpg

1. The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday (French Kiss)

Bob Mould Body of Song.jpg

2. Bob Mould, Body of Song (Yep Roc)

The King of France CD.jpg

3. The King of France, The King of France (Echo Label)

Top 5 Local Live Acts of 2005:

1. Atmosphere
2. Eyedea and Friends (with Mazta I, Carnage, Desdamona, J.T. Bates, etc.)
4. Maria Isa
5. Brother and Sister

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