List everything that makes this comix cover collectible

Dirty Sandez Crimson Gash.jpg

(Click for larger image.) My profile/appreciation of Minneapolis sex comix artist Sandez Rey, "Dirty Sandez," is live at (New Times wants tits? You got tits.) An excerpt about the cover above:

If this new pornographer in comics has a unique charm, it lies in the quaintness of his transgressions. The most notorious Rey cover, for last year's The Crimson Gash #1 ("The Crimson Gash Vrs. Hitler"), feels almost nostalgic, what with all the monsters and missiles and Hitler. Its most contemporary touches are the syringes hanging from the left breast of Sheriff Judy, another Gash regular. (She gets her stabber back with a needle to his eye.) Yet the artist's motives for even that bit of unsightliness are supremely fan-boyish: Comic-book price guides routinely identify covers featuring Hitler as collectible. Ditto eye injuries, drug use, protruding breasts, bondage, torture, or atomic blasts. Says the illustrator: "What I did with this cover was try to hit every category."

Here's the full photo of Sandez Rey by Richard Fleischman (click for larger version):

Sandez Rey Crimson Gash.jpg

Crimson Gash stomping her conscience.jpg

The Crimson Gash stomps her conscience in Blowjob # 8

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