Thursday audio: Pauline Kael on the Auteur Theory

Pauline Kael.jpg
Listen to this 55-minute radio broadcast of Pauline Kael attacking the auteur theory in 1963, speaking at San Fernando Valley State College, and unearthed by (thanks to Matos, via Rockcriticsdaily, which also links Kael talking to Jean-Luc Godard). I've read Kael since the early '80s, and this is the first time I've ever heard her voice. Am I surprised it sounds nothing like I imagined? For more Kael audio, slightly closer to how I'd imagine her, here's NPR's 2001 special after her death, with links to various radio appearances over the years. She's the reason I do this, so I'll always go back to her. Here's the entire Pauline Kael Archives at

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