Faggot, stronger than Pride

Faggot Jon by Nick Vlcek.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.)

Faggot Tim Carrolll portrait Nick Vlcek.jpg

As I wrote in today's City Pages, the Minneapolis rock and roll group Faggot is much more than a provocative name. Here are more photos (the studio shots above are by Nick Vlcek, as is the cute one at the very end of this post).

Faggot tattoos.jpg

Faggot at practice.jpg

Faggot dumping dirt.jpg

Faggot flyer bear.jpg

Faggot Have an Abortion.jpg

Faggot Jason screaming at ceiling.jpg

Faggot Jason's ceiling.jpg

Faggot Jason and Tim in costume shop.jpg

Faggot Mexican hat dance.jpg

Faggot have invited dozens of bands to do the Mexican hat dance in their attic. Singer Tim Carroll puts the number at 80.

Faggot 2005 cassette.jpg

Faggot's self-titled 2005 cassette

Faggot Escape From Summer School.jpg

Watercolor poster by Michael Gaughan (a.k.a. Ice-Rod, of Brother and Sister and NOW, more here, here, and here, and here) for his Rock 'n' Roll Escape from Summer School event (click for Lindsey Thomas's article) featuring Faggot and a dozen other bands.

Faggot Jon with Synchrocyclotron and drums.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.) Faggot drummer Jon Nielsen plays in funk trio Synchrocylotron during the Rock 'n' Roll Escape from Summer School scavenger hunt. Nielsen also played in his rock duo Knifeworld (or Knife World) that day. Here are more photos from the event.

Faggot Jason Wade with shovel.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.) Faggot guitarist Jason Wade is also an experimental filmmaker (more here).

Faggot in action with dancers hot girls.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.)

Faggot Tim with dancer.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.)

Faggot Saira Huff in action.jpg

(Click the above photo for full image.) More on Faggot bassist Saira Huff's fashions here. A former member of Detestation and Resolve, Huff is also a member of the hardcore punk band Question. She says she's never had as much fun with a band as with Faggot.

Faggot Tim with little girl, photographed by Nick.jpg

Email from Sara Shapouri, of the NYC band Animental:

sorry i'm on tour so i don't have much computer time and i don't know if you are finished with your article but i just think they are amazing. it's dirty drunken rock n roll at its very best but that doesn't even really come close to describing them as their show and energy is way more dynamic than that...i feel like everything i could say will sound a bit trite but they do totally kick ass and are totally inspiring too in their literally balls out approach to performance. they're everything that a band should be... wild, raw, psychedelic, scary, sexy, heavy, you name it. my band animental was inspired by them after the show we just played together. they don't hold back, they aren't afraid, which is exhilarating and wonderful to behold. and the best thing is it's not an act at all which is probably why they are also the coolest band around. so maybe that helps or doesn't but i am excited to read the article when its done.


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