Minnesota Mixtape 2006

The Careless Flame Kill the Vultures.jpg

1. "Moonshine" by Kill the Vultures, from The Careless Flame (JIB)

Michael Yonkers with the Blind shake.jpg

2. "Don't I Get" by Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake (pre-release available at Roadrunner, Treehouse records, and Go Johnny Go! See also Learning Curve)

The Purple Tape Kingz.jpg

3. "Famlay" (a.k.a. "Lights Out," a.k.a. "In the Club") featuring JR Writer, by the Street Kingz (MySpace), from The Purple Tape

DUNation Volumne Won.jpg

4. "Five Line King" by Brother Ali, from various artists, DUNation.com - Volume Won (DUNation.com/Noiseland Industries)

Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop.JPG

5. "Faulty Fuses" (Live at the Fine Line) (radio edit) by Ill Chemistry (Carnage & Desdamona) from various artists, Fifth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop 2006 Back to the Foundation

God Damn Doo Wop Band.jpg

6. "Tell Me" by the God Damn Doo Wop Band, Broken Hearts (Afternoon Records)

You Don't Know Me Jack Brass Band.jpg

7. "Dumpster Bump" by Jack Brass Band, from You Don't Know Me (www.jackbrassband.com)

Chooglin' music.jpg

8. "Take Mine Down" by Chooglin', from Chooglin' (self-released)

Twin Town High Music Yearbook.jpg

9. "Dark Trance (Psychic Lighting)" by Hockey Night, from various artists, Twin Town High Music Yearbook Volume 08 (Pulse of the Twin Cities/Copycats, 2005)

Trampled by Turtles.jpg

10. "Nowhere to Hide" (live) by Trampled By Turtles, from Live at Luce (Banjodad Records)

Flamin' Oh's Long Live the King.jpg

11. "I Can Tell" by the Flamin' Oh's, from Long Live the King (SMA Records 2005)

12. "A Question for Pat Dwyer at Grumpy's in Northeast Minneapolis" by the Mad Ripple, from Sink and/or Swim (Eclectone Records)

Faux Jean Light It Up.JPG

13. "My Dark Places" by Faux Jean, Light It Up/Burn It Down (New Fidelity Records)

14. "Tres Preguntas" by Maria Isa, from various artists, Fifth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop 2006 Back to the Foundation

15. "Them See Me" by Back-Up Plomo, MySpace and demo only

Truthmaze Expansions.JPG

16. "Free Up" by Truthmaze, from Expansions + Contractions Psoems 1:1 (Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records)

Tapes N' Tapes The Loon.jpg

17. "Cowbell" by Tapes 'N Tapes, from The Loon (2005)

18. "Let It Be Known" (radio edit) by Sandman (MySpace), from various artists, Fifth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop 2006 Back to the Foundation (more)

19. "Africa Represent" by M.anifest at his MySpace page only (more)

20. "Trashed and Broken Hearted" by Venus, from Trashed and Broken Hearted (SkinDog)

21. "Esa Mirada" by Danny y Elliot mp3 only

Butanes Memphisapolis.jpg

22. "Exactly Like Me" by Willie Walker and the Butanes, from Memphisapolis (Haute Music)

23. "Which Way Your Heart Will Go" by Mason Jennings, from Boneclouds (Epic)

24. "Be a New Man" by Ol' Yeller, from Good Luck (SMA Records)


25. "Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter)" by P.O.S., from Audition (scroll down; more here) (Doomtree/Rhymesayers)

26. "Fearless Leader" by Soul Asylum, from The Silver Lining (Columbia/Legacy)

27. "Bastards of Young" by Against Me! from various artists, We'll Inherit the Earth... A Tribute to the Replacements (1-2-3-4-Go! Records) (more)

28. "Good Advice" by the Alarmists, A Detail of Soldiers (Instrument Control)

The Road Less Traveled Unknown Prophets.jpg

29. "Our Time Now" by Unknown Prophets, from The Road Less Traveled

30. "What If?" (local lyrics over the 50 Cent song) by Fiction and Twig, from Street Kingz Entertainment Presents The Best Kept Secret Vol. 1 Murderapolis Underworld Mixtape

31. "Park Pioneers" by Dot-Ten from Mega Watt V 1.5 (Def-fidelity)

32. "Soul Seducer" (radio edit) by Guardians of Balance, from various artists, Fifth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop 2006 Back to the Foundation

33. "Ireland" by Sara Softich, from Pipe Dream (self-released)

34. "Party on Jackrabbit Mountain" by the Pink Slip, from Party on Jackrabbit Mountain (Chop Shop Records)

West Bank Boogie Cyn.jpg

35. "Black Jack Davy" (live) by Koerner, Ray & Glover, from various artists, West Bank Boogie: Forty Years of Music, Mayhem and Memories book and CD (Triangle Park Creative)

36. "1922" (live) by Charlie Parr, from Backslider (Eclectone Records)

37. "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Sherwin Linton, Charlie Ryan, and Rick Hollister with Doug Spartz & Friends, from American Stories, Lies & Tales (Diamond Music Group) (See also: Sherwin Linton, from 1966-1975: Great Years, Great Songs)

38. "Hangman" by Al Dean, from various artists, Traditions in Country (Showcase Records)

Candy Floss.jpg

39. "It's All a Dream" by Michael Yonkers, from various artists, Candy Floss: The Lost Music of MidAmerica 1967-1969 (Weekend Records)

Duluth Does Dylan Revisited Duluth.jpg

40. "Mr. Tambourine Man" by Cloud Cult, from various artists, Duluth Does Dylan Revisited (Spinout)

41. "Touch It" by Jelloslave, from Touch It (Sugarfoot Music)

42. "Rough Lot" by Done Been, from Gettin' To It (self-released)

Haley Bonar Lure the Fox album.jpg

43. "Ransom" by Haley Bonar, from Lure The Fox (Afternoon Records)

Trama Dusa the Ugly Album.JPG

44. "Into It" by Trama (with Mazta I), from "Trama Dusa: The Ugly Album" (K.E.P. Inc.) (subsequent drama, but no beef)

45. "I Don't Want to Talk to Nobody" by Scottie Miller, from Livin' Between the Black and White

46. "Out of Nowhere" by Indigenous, from Chasing the Sun (Vanguard) (more)

47. "Beautiful Day" by John Swardson, from Ablaze

48. "I'm Bored" by the Suburbs, from High Fidelity Boys - Live 1979 (Garage D'Or) (more)

49. "Park" by the Chambermaids, from The Chambermaids (Modern Radio)

50. "Kiss It, Make It Better" by Likehell, from Famous Orgies (Rekords Rekords)

51. "Remember When" by Prince Jabba, from his MySpace page

K-Salaam The World Is Ours.jpg

52. "Victory" by Mos Def, Sizzla, and K-Salaam, on K-Salaam, The World Is Ours (Rex / Koch Dist.--soon to be re-released on VP?)

Golden Keep It Jumpin' 12 inch.jpg

53. "Keep It Jumpin'" by Golden, from "It Ain't Me" 12-inch single (2005)

54. "Secret" by Atmosphere, from The Fun EP (Happy Clown Bad Dub Eight) (Rhymesayers)

55. "Working Class Drinker" by Power Struggle, from Arson at the Petting Zoo (New Disorder Records, 2005)

56. "Instinctual Template" by Saturday Morning Soundtrack (Ecid, Capaciti, Impulse, and Kristoff Krane of Abzorbr), from Saturday Morning Soundtrack (Fill in the Breaks/Hecatomb)

57. "Yawn... Click" by Cave Deaths, from Glacier on Fire (Modern Radio)

58. "ID Politic" by Gay Beast, from Gay Beast EP

59. "Always Better Sorry" by Carbon Carousel, The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking (a.k.a. self-titled) (carboncarousel.com)

60. "Eye of the Tiger Applies to Everything" by Superhopper, from "Party Killers" (Guilt Ridden Pop) (more)

61. "The Son of the C.E.O. of Rubbersuit Co." by Alpha Consumer, from Alpha Consumer (self-released)

62. "Holly Rock" (live 1985) by Prince and Sheila E. from various artists, Live in Town

63. "I'm Broke" by EMS + DJ Green featuring Capaciti, from various artists, DUNation.com - Volume Won (DUNation.com/Noiseland Industries)

64. "Ain't About You" by The New Congress, from Everybody Gets Up!

65. "Heroes of the North" by Prof and Rahzwell, from Absolutely (Alamo Yard Productions)

66. "The Curtain" by Leroy Smokes, from Love Hustle Theater (Smokesignyl Productions)

Prince 3121 album new.jpg

67. "Black Sweat" by Prince, from 3121 (Umvd Labels)

68. "I Got What You Need" by Kip Blackshire, from The Eleventh Hour (FS Music)

69. "Got What'cha Wanted" by the Gleam, from Lookout for Evils (SMA)

Bob Dylan Modern Times album.jpg

70. "Workingman's Blues #2" by Bob Dylan, from Modern Times (Columbia)

71. "Your Direction" by Curtis & Loretta, from Just My Heart For You (Haymarket Music)

72. "I Promised I'd Grow Up" by One for the Team, from Good Boys Don't Make Noise (Afternoon Records)

73. "Manners" by the Maps of Norway, from Sister Stations (Guilt Ridden Pop)

Twin Cities Hardcore bring.jpg

74. "A.S.S.K.I.C.K.A.T.R.O.N." by Ass (a great cover of the original song by Nebraska punk band Fagatron, on Agitprop! Records), from Twin Cities Hardcore: Bring It Together (TCHardcoreJournal.com)

75. "You're Gay, You're Dead" by Faggot (demo cassette, 2005) (more)

76. "Radio Interview" by the Awesome Snakes, from their MySpace page

Awesome Snakes album.jpg

77. "Awesome Snacks" by the Awesome Snakes, from Venom (Crustacean Records)

78. "Staplegun" by Baby Guts, from various artists, Life of Monotony: Six Bands from Minneapolis (c/o Tim Lunning P.O. Box 6371 Minneapolis, MN 55406)

The Keep Aways.jpg

79. "Bleeding Heart" by the Keep Aways, from The Keep Aways (Chairkickers 2005)

80. "Twin Cities Crew" by In Defence, from In Defence (TCHC)

Best of Smoke Free Saturday.jpg

81. "Upper Hand" by XOXO, Judy, from various artists, The Best of Smoke-Free Saturday Nights Volume 3 (Pulse of the Twin Cities/Disc Burn)

82. "Bless Your Soul" by Lily Liver, from various artists, City Pages Picked 2 Click: Local Grooves from Local Artists (Copycats/Heineken/Cheapo)

83. "But Anyway..." by 24 Reasons Why, from various artists, The Best of Smoke-Free Saturday Nights Volume 3 (Pulse of the Twin Cities/Disc Burn)

84. "The Internet Is Changing Everything" by Andy Sullivan, from "Private Wars" (www.andysullivan.com)

85. "We Need More Luxury Condos" by U-Joint, from Cars Make Lovely Cages (Splung Music)

86. "Rural Methlab Blues" by the Brass Kings, The Brass Kings (Dream Horse Records)

87. "White Horse" by the Roe Family Singers, from "Andronicus" (Roe Family Singers, 2005)

88. "These Things" by Tim O'Reagan, Tim O'Reagan (Lost Highway)

89. "Novocain" by Jeremy Messersmith, from The Alcatraz Kid (Princess Records) (Dylan's insane article)

Mazta I album cover.jpg

90. "Life Is Pain" by Mazta I, from Thank the Lord and the Sword! (Copycats)

91. "Single Parent Home" by Jayechs, MySpace only

92. "Death Wish" by Mark Mallman, from Between the Devil and Middle C (Badman Recordings)

93. "Have Mercy" featuring Bre, by Young Pluky (more, more, more), from various artists, Fifth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop 2006 Back to the Foundation; also from Dodging the Rico EP (Brickboy2 2 Entertainment)

Ben Connelly Over You album.jpg

94. "Won't Do Nothing Wrong Tonight" (click "Where Are Those Summer Stars"--the songs are often reversed online) by Ben Connelly, from Over You (AD/CD Records)

Moochy C.jpg

95. "To My Momma" by Moochy C from "R.A.S.B." (Self-Explanatory Records)

96. "Drowned" (VIC 20 Remix) by Halloween, Alaska, from various artists, Twin Town High Music Yearbook Volume 08 (Pulse of the Twin Cities/Copycats, 2005)

Emazin City Pages mixtape album.jpg

97. "Bout the App [chopped and screwed]" (rapping over T.I.'s "What You Know"; possibly the first local-referencing mixtape track to be chopped and screwed?) by Emazin, from The City Pages (Trakhouse Productions/It's Been One Entertainment)

98. "Um, Circles and Squares" by Dosh, from The Lost Take (Anticon)

99. "Bad Day" by Jenny Dalton, from Fleur de Lily (Glossy Shoebox Productions)

100. "Betsi's Song" by Irv Williams and Peter Schimke, Duo (Ding-Dong Music)

Note: The above songs aren't ranked; they're sequenced for an imaginary mixtape.

Other local CDs from 2006 worth tracking down:

Prince, Ultimate (Warner Bros.) (though it really should have "Erotic City")

Strange Brew (Aaron Wade and Jay Bee), Bitches, Brews, & Beats (LNH Entertainment, 2004) (White Shadow of Norway)

Ill Chemistry (Carnage & Desdamona), Symbiosis (self-released) (more, more, more)

Minnesota Orchestra, Beethoven Symphonies No. 3 & 8 (BIS Records)

Roy Haynes and the Fountain of Youth Band, Whereas (Dreyfus) (recorded live at the Artist's Quarter)

Mike the 2600 King, Heavy Session (Litterthugz)

DJ Stage One [still getting hold of finished versions of these] "The X-mas Mixtape"
DJ Stage One, Street Cinema Vol. 10
DJ Stage One, Twin Cities Live

various artists, We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer (Crustacean Records) featuring the Ed Gein Fan Club, Haze XXL, and Paddy Costello

What the Shite.jpg

various artists, Shite 'n' Onions Volume 2: What the Shite (Omnium)

Heat, Heat Vol. 1 mixtape (more, more) (especially "True Colors," which jacks the beat by Joe Budden and producer Scram Jones, which samples the 2001 track "Outside" by Staind)

Cadillac Kolstad, Standards of the World (Wampus Cat)

The Twin Cities Playboys, Texas Memories (Loop Start Music)

The Randy Lee Orchestra, A Christmas by the Lake with the Randy Lee Orchestra (Arffytunes Records/Duluthrocked)

various artists, Down by the Riverside (more)

Tori Fixx, Mary Me (www.torifixx.com, 2005) (more)

Total Fucking Blood, Blaze the Lord (Freedom From Records)

The South Side Aces, The South Side Aces (KGC Records)

The Belles Of Skin City, You Do The Company Proud (Totally Gross National Product)

The Dixie Chicks (with Dan Wilson co-writing many songs), Taking the Long Way (Sony)

2 local mashups:

Slug mashed up with 50 Cent

DJ Benzi's mashup of "Ohh" by Mary J. Blige's and "Modern Man's Hustle" by Atmosphere

Top 10 local live acts of 2006:

1. Faggot
2. Heat
3. The God Damn Doo Wop Band
4. Dosh
5. Jack Brass Band
6. Metallagher
7. Gary Burger and the Mock Monks
8. Bone Appetit
9. Michael Gaughan

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