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Bissinger on La Russa: best bad baseball book ever?

I'm reading the new and amply hyped Buzz Bissinger book about Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, 3 Nights in August--and yes, you can bet the cheesy echo of Seven Days in May is wholeheartedly and unironically intended. 

I haven't seen any reviews besides the ones on the jacket, but it's just thoroughly and deliciously bad--the book reads like it was edited by a prankster and past Bulwer-Lytton bad writing contest winner who hacked into Houghton Mifflin's computer system. I'd never read Bissinger before apart from the occasional Vanity Fair feature, but he may be the worst hack writing now; the main thing I learned from the book is that he's got a career because the editors at VF thoroughly rewrite everything they touch.

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