Do Moss and Culpepper need a sit-down with Dr. Phil?

Categories: NFL

We've all had it happen. Your best buddy in elementary school moves away. There are vows to stay in touch, addresses exchanged, pictures taken. Then... bupkiss, nada, end of story. In a recent Sports Illustrated interview, former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss bemoaned the loss of his close relationship with quarterback Daunte Culpepper. "Once you grow to love a person, a breakup is kind of hard," Moss sobbed. "I thought Culpepper was (my friend), but now that everything's happened, it seems to me I lost a friend." Culpepper countered in the press today: "My phone number hasn't changed. If you're my friend, why haven't you talked to me? Know what I'm saying?" Could a little straight talk and some tough love from Dr. Phil save this relationship? Or will the torrid decimation of this friendship continue to play out in USA Today for all the world to see?

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