Drinking away the pain

Categories: MLB

Breaking out of a potential division-losing slump by beating the Kansas City Royals is a bit like ditching your booze habit by tearing the label off your 40 oz. Mickey's. Sure, it might look to your friends like you've solved your little problem, but that doesn?t mean they won't find you face-down on the golf course tomorrow morning, with your pants around your ankles and barf in your beard.

Yeah, the Sox are running at a record clip, but still; that's pretty much how it's going to feel if the Twins lose the AL Central race. Have three straight division titles spoiled me? Probably.

Anyway, I'm rooting for the sweep, no matter how empty it?ll really be. That's the Royals? place in this division: to give slumping teams a morale boost via a Royal ass-whomping. Then again, as I write this, the Twin are down 3-0 to them in the 7th, and 'Clutch' Luis Rivas just struck out with the bases loaded.

Ugh. Pass that bottle.

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