"The American public is basically bad people"

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Carlo Rotella--an old friend of mine and one of the most stylish writers I know--handicapped last month's Floyd Mayweather-Arturo Gatti fight in a very funny, very insightful essay at Boxingranks.com. As it turned out, Carlo's carefully-hedged prediction of a Gatti victory was wrong. Mayweather, who is probably boxing's pound for pound best, schooled the outclassed Arturo. The mismatch ended by way of sixth round TKO.

That said, the essay--like Carlo's boxing book, Cut Time: An Education at the Fights--is worth a read. One reason: it contains what must be the richest observations ever uttered about the sordid science and its relationship to the American public. The quote comes from Evander Holyfield's trainer, Don Turner:

"I know there's a lot of bad people in boxing. Boxing is like society, and the American public is basically bad people."

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