The Idiot Gets His Swerve Back

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Hey folks. Bucking the idiot would have put you 9-5-1 in games last week, which would still only be the third-best outcome in the four times we've toted it up thus far. For those keeping score, my season mark now stands at 25-34-1, and if you excise the inexplicable hiccup from two weeks back, when I called 11 out of 15 winners, I'd be 14-30-1.

Now, with the weekend's first games little more than two hours away, let's get right to the picks. Here are the ten college and five pro teams I honestly believe will beat the spread. I humbly suggest you buck the idiot and bag some loot from your friendly betting parlor.

ALABAMA minus 34 over Utah State.
It's impress the BCS time, meaning teams still within sniffing distance of a national championship have incentive to run up the score. The Aggies are traveling from mountainous Logan, Utah, deep into the heart of Dixie. That itself will cost a couple of touchdowns.

KANSAS STATE plus 7 and a half over Colorado
The Buffs simply aren't good enough to be giving more than a touchdown to a decent K-State team on the road.

NORTHWESTERN plus 3 over Michigan
The Wildcats are up this season, and are playing at home. The Wolverines are down, and are considered disappointments even if they win out the rest of the year. And Northwestern is the 'dog?

MISSOURI minus 5 and a half over Kansas
The Missouri QB is a fabulous athlete. Even playing at home, Kansas simply doesn't have the talent to hang here.

BRIGHAM YOUNG minus 6 and a half over Air Force
Air Force is going to look mighty enticing to BYU after slugging it out with Notre Dame.

KENTUCKY plus 1 over Mississippi State
The Wildcats don't have a chance to win many SEC games. They'll be up for this tossup in Lexington.

OREGON STATE minus 9 and a half over Arizona
I expected the spread to be double digits. Both Oregon teams are formidable this year, and Arizona will scrum it out with Ty's Washington Huskies as the PAC-10 doormat.

TENNESSEE minus 14 over South Carolina
The Vols have had a frustrating year. And what better, guilt-free way to vent your frustration than by whupping up on a mediocre squad coached by Steve Spurrier?

TEXAS minus 37 over Oklahoma State
Another BCS-induced rout. Oklahoma State is at home. By the third quarter, most of the fans in the stands will be from across the border.

and my college "lock"
GEORGIA plus 4 over Florida
Is there an injury I don't know about? This is always a battle royale at a neutral site. The Dawgs are clearly the better team. And they're getting points?

On to the NFL....

CAROLINA minus 7 and a half over Minnesota
Three solid quarters of football in six games just ain't enough evidence to believe the Vikes can stay with a solid 4-2 team on the road.

ARIZONA plus 9 over Dallas
Denny Green is starting to put the pieces together, and that's a pretty big number the bookies are giving his team.

N.Y. GIANTS minus 2 and a half over Washington
Both of these teams need to play well the next few weeks to prove they're for real in a tough, tough, conference. But I like Eli Manning at home, giving less than a field goal.

SAN DIEGO minus 6 over Kansas City
The Chargers have had a brutal schedule, and must feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel. LT has a little more tread left than Priest Holmes.

Last but not least, the pro "lock"
CHICAGO plus 3 over Detroit
Everybody is raving about Jeff Garcia like he's the savior. The best thing about him is that he's not Joey Harrington. And that won't make any difference to a superior Bears' defense.

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