Tuesday morning quarterback

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If you're looking for a Robson-esque analysis of last night's Vikings-Raiders game, you should probably look elsewhere. Consider this an open thread to share your thoughts. As far as the QBs are concerned, Brad Johnson was steady as always, and Mike McMahon was mediocre as always. Fourth-stringer J.T. O'Sullivan made some gaffes, but also showed some potential. The big story would have to be third-stringer Tarvaris Jackson, who went 7-for-13 for 60 yards with 36 yards of rushing tossed in, prompting one of the ESPN commentators to state that he resembled a "right-handed Michael Vick." The other news, of course, was first-round pick Chad Greenway leaving the game in the first quarter after injuring his knee. No news as yet on the extent of his injury, but rumor has it, he could be out for the season. Let's hear what you think about Brad Childress's first game as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

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