College hoops: Always Be Closing

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Enjoy college basketball? Can't get enough of Benjamin Polk's Gopher posts? Me too, and me either. Aside from handcuffing Benjamin to Tubby Smith and forcing him to type a post a day on an iPhone with his off-hand, though, we're probably on a once-a-week schedule from him for the foreseeable.

For national college hoops perspective, though, I recommend my friend Jonah Keri's new column, "College Basketball Closer," that runs more or less daily at Deadspin. You may have seen Jonah's work on or at assorted other outlets, and he always turns out quality. Don't tell anyone I said so, but college basketball is actually his favorite sport. For your non-Gopher roundball needs, it gets the City Pages seal of approval to feed your hoops fix.

Unless you want to donate us an iPhone and send Benjamin Polk lots of fan mail. Though I support those plans, too.

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