Miserable performance by U.S. Olympic squad

Categories: Soccer
The U.S. men's Olympic qualifying campaign got off to a dismal start last night in Tampa. The Americans could only manage a 1-1 tie against a lowly Cuban side. The yanks dominated the opening quarter of an hour, culminating in a 13th minute goal by Freddy Adu--easily the best player on the pitch.

But then the game seemed to run completely off the rails for the U.S. squad. The midfield collapsed, Jozy Altidore got beaten to a pulp, and the Cubans netted the inevitable equalizer just before halftime.

The second half was painful to watch. The Americans dominated possession, but seemed to lack any clue how to unlock the bunkered defense. Robbie Findley blew a wide-open breakaway with a brutal attempt at finishing. The Cubans meanwhile spent most of the half lying on the grass writhing in faux agony.

Let's hope tomorrow's performance against Panama is a little more impressive.

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