Playoff Liveblog: Photos from The X

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I'm disappointed that I haven't seen any homemade Stanley Cup hats, but there are plenty of rabid fans in the sea of 19,360 worth showcasing.

It's another sweat towel give away night.

The National Anthem. They've really perfected the whole projecting images on to the ice thing. The video highlights and graphics are really sharp.


Scott and Brianna Wukawitz from Cottage Grove with matching facepaint.

David Foster of Minneapolis.

Scott Drain of St. Paul says he dresses like this for every game. The gloves are vintage from the 1960s with steel plates in the thumbs.


Youth hockey teams sell game programs and the Wild donates a percentage of sales to their team. These kids are relentless! They rove in packs intent on earning dough, and they're good little salespeople. Several yelped '$3! CHEAPER THAN A GALLON OF GAS!' Christian Johnson of Bloomington was making his pitch loud and clear.

Ty and Nathan Hall came from Denver to see the game.

Mike, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, drove in through the latest blizzard to get to the game. He says that he finally stopped driving at 1:30 a.m. because there were whiteout conditions and he saw four cars marooned on the side of the road. He was a fan of the Qubec Nordiques, and when they abandoned him and moved to Colorado, he kept supporting them anyway.

Noah Ratgen of Lino Lakes.

Victory! Defenseman Keith Carney lights the lamp at 1:14 in overtime giving the Wild a 3-2 win and evening the series at 1-1.

Saluting the fans.

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