Brett Favre a Viking?

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Holy Shit! There is a very small possibility that the pill-popping, non-committal, totally legendary hero-warrior will be the Vikings' starting quarterback when the season gets underway.

The good sports journalists of either AP or ESPN or some combination thereof have shaken the bushes, and coach Brad Childress has made some enigmatic comments:

"You can make an argument for one side and an argument for another," Childress said of the prospect of Favre in purple and gold. "But I can't waste a lot of energy. All I can do is take a look at the waivers every day and see if there's somebody that's better than somebody on the roster. That's really all you can evaluate."

Reading this made my head explode and instantly reconstitute itself in a new and alien form and then I realized the detonation occurred on an alternate plane also in my head. Everything is normal. And everything feels a little different.

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