Put 'em on the rack

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So, the city police department isn’t going to seize the bike you illegally parked outside the 7th Entry. That’s good, as coming out of Sea Wolf concert only to find your two-wheeled chariot missing sorta blows.

Now, let’s try to get behind the reason for parking illegally in the first place: no place to park. The city is in some serious need of bike parking. At a place like Dunn Bros. on University, fighting over bike parking could come down to fisticuffs. And bike fights are never that cool, as men with noodle arms are not known for their punching prowess.

But thanks to city bike director Donald Pflaum, a farmer who listens to his peers, parking for cyclists will double in the next decade.

Here is snapshot of the “racks” that will be popping up across the city:


Kinda pretty, eh?

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